Fundraising boost: touch base with all possible leads before Xmas

Let’s give fundraising a final kick (even though COB is so close).

@ireinga and @Manuelpueyo will draft an offer for Airbnb especially related to our OpenKitchen/Eatmosphere proposal.

@KiraVde will touch base with Delta Loyd and CFA again

@ireinga will keep track of the reply rate on this proposal sent through Lionel’s contacts and Lunt Foundation

@Nadia and @Alberto will tell us all about their interaction with Rockefeller Foundation

Let’s update our efforts by commenting this task!

Any news from UNDP Armenia guys? Who is your contact person? I work a lot with UN(HCR) recently so maybe I can ping them? @Noemi @Nadia

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Updates on AH side

  • Open Kitchen and Eatmosphere proposal is still on the go, we will send it first week of January. This is a link to the first draft.

  • Lionel’s contacts will receive our email only after winter break (following his suggestion).

@Nadia @Alberto news from Rockefeller Foundation?