Furniture in unMonastery

Hi all,

sorry for delay but now that we are at the end it’s even harder to keep everything together. Here below some renderings of furnitures designed for the unMonastery.

The main idea has been the use of local materials (eg. natural wood) in order to reduce pollution related to truck transportation and involve our craftsmen.

All furnitures can be easily rearrenged and have different configurations; also the kitchen can be disassembled and moved upstairs.

The Pallets used for beds have been protected with a water painting to preserve wood from worsening.

We are waiting in Matera.



Hi antonioelettrico,

Thanks for posting, I like the design very much!


Those lucky unMonasterians :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for posting Antonio, no worries about the delay :slight_smile:

I’ll be arriving on Wednesday, will the furniture already be in the building?


Looks amazing. Thank you!

looks great!

well done! thank you :slight_smile:


This is really happening! Good job! I can’t wait to have pics from the unMon uploaded online once you guys enter the building! Hurray!