Future scenarios meetup in Madrid, with funded travel. Who is interested?

Our friend Altamira Saez, professor at the Escuela Superior de Diseño in Madrid, would like someone from Edgeryders to participate to this event on 22-24 January. The purpose of the meetup:

Fashion, Product, Interior and Graphic Design teachers from the school are reaching out to speakers and professionals with a vantage point of view that would join us to reflect upon and understand the future that comes, future of cities, jobs, education, fashion, earth, money and all the futures of us.

The school is offering funded travel, but no payment. If anyone is interested, get in touch with Altamira (her email is behind the link above). We would appreciate if you let us know you are applying: just leave a comment here.

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Sounds interesting! Yet I only log in occasionally at edgeryders. I like the scope of the subjects.

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Sure, @sgroenendal , if you are interested just go ahead and make contact with Altamira.

Thanks @alberto I just send her an e-mail!