G8 & G20 Youth Summits: a best practice to share because the time for youth involvement is now!

I’m just back home from the G8 & G20 Youth Summit 2012 and I want to share this experience with a braoder audience of young people.

So, let’s start… What are the G8 & G20 Youth Summits? The G8 & G20 Youth Summits are a civil society conference that assembles students and young professionals from G8 and G20 countries for one week each year to develop proposed solutions to current global problems. Delegates assume roles (e.g., president, minister of finance, etc.) while representing their countries and employ the informal, consensus-based methods of negotiation adopted by the real G8 and G20. Beyond simply playing roles, however, delegates also offer their countries’ youth perspectives on important issues. The summits conclude with the signing of a final communiqué representing the consensus of all the ministerial committees for the G8 and the G20 on the topics that have been discussed. Many delegations subsequently return to their home countries and present this document to government officials and civil society representatives.

Experiences like these can empower the youth, by giving us the chance to shape the future we want and to influence the civil society.  It’s not about age or political parties, it’s about to be passionate and responsible!!!

Got link to the communiqué?

Hi Dario! During the madness before LOTE we managed to overlook this report :frowning: I came across it now as I  was reading the Edgeryders full (ethnographic) analysis. Your last phrase here got quoted in the report:

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TUVEXn33W1CUjia31cgtepvSx9Ii3Bp40Hj8tG6gsq8/edit [page 8]

The authors use your words to show how passion can motivate participation and is proof that we Edgeryders search for meaning in everything we are doing, beyond material rewards…

“Passion is commonly demonstrated in the narratives of Edgeryders’ paths, especially in the mission brief Share Your Ryde. Passion is a prime motivating force; not only in terms of giving direction and maximising opportunities to find meaningful work, but also as being worth much more than money.” 

What do you think, is it you in this picture? Can I ask you to comment on this, and to read through the report , bringing in your own thoughts? There’s also a summary  with further explanations on this validation phase… to make sure we’re all on the same page and see ourselves in the Transition Handbook we’re building, together! That’s why your input would be super valuable!


Recruiting ground?

Hello Dario. I was wondering: do you have any information as to what happens next? So: young people participate into G8 and G20. Do they then go on to undertake careers in diplomacy, or as civil society leaders or activists?

And another question: what kind of background do they have? I recently was at the conference of a network of transcontinental exchange students and it looked like the youth chapter of the Rotary Club: people from upper-middle class background, training to follow in the footsteps of their parents. Nothing wrong with that, clearly: just a relevant piece of information to classify the initiative in terms of its expected results.


*Communiqué Final du G20 YES 2012 «L'Entrepreneuriat des jeunes pour l'emploi et la croissance»...*

La 4ème édition du G20 des Entrepreneurs vient de s’achever à Mexico et a été particulièrement appréciée par les 400 entrepreneurs des pays du G20 tant par la hauteur de vue de ses intervenants que par la qualité de ses travaux et de ses conclusions qui vont être transmises au B20 et au G20 dans les prochains jours...

*Communiqué Officiel, les propositions concrètes des 400 entrepreneurs réunis à cette occasion (en/fr).

*Les Rapports… (es/en/fr).

Read more : http://mexicoworldwide.blogspot.fr/2012/06/la-4eme-edition-du-g20-des.html

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G20…passation entre France et Mexique en 2012

*BREF APERCU : G20...passation entre France et Mexique en 2012*

Youth Diplomacy a organisé en janvier 2012 un "Model G20" qui propose à des jeunes de réfléchir sur différentes questions traitées par le G20. Cette année 2012 est marquée par la passation de présidence entre France et Mexique...


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