GA on membership requests (15/05/2023 at 21:00)

Hello @reef-full and @reef-associate,

One of the last things on my to do list before going on my break was to set up a GA to approve the membership requests.

Given that the way we usually do this is a quick online meeting with whoever is available, I’m going to just set a date (as usual) and hope that a couple of you can make it. The Zoom link is on Nextcloud.

The one and only point on the agenda will be the membership requests that we hope to have received from the current exploring members.

Can you please confirm whether you can make it?

GA on Monday 15/05/2023 at 21:00
  • Yes I’ll be there
  • Sorry, can’t make it
  • Sorry, can’t make it, but I’ll give someone a proxy

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Can we move this meeting to the following Monday, on the 22nd?

Two of the current exploratory members who have been quite involved would normally have applied for associate membership yesterday, but that hasn’t happened yet. Their buddies are contacting them, and they both seem keen, but it may not happen before Monday. And the other two exploratory members have been given until next Friday (19th) to make their decision, after attending the plenary next Tuesday…


Yes, I am in favour.

@ChrisM, I’m all in favour of moving it to the 22nd, but I won’t be able to attend it though (which should not be a problem of course). I’m also having problems with internet access where I am, so I can’t do much these days.

Would you be OK to organise the GA? If not, maybe my fellow Board members can step in?

What needs to be done is this:

  • a message on the forum to announce the date and the agenda (see above), tagging reef-full and reef-associate
  • check whether a minimum of people can make it
  • add the event to the Nextcloud calendar, with a Zoom link



Here is the link to the new thread for the next GA: GA on membership requests (22/05/2023 at 21:00)

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