GA on membership requests (22/05/2023 at 21:00)

Hello @reef-full and @reef-associate,

Here is the new date for the GA to approve the current membership requests.

This is a quick online meeting with whoever is available, and the one and only point on the agenda will be the membership requests that we have received from the current exploring members. The Zoom link is on Nextcloud.

Can you please confirm whether you can make it?

GA on Monday 22 May at 9pm
  • Yes I’ll be there
  • Sorry can’t make it
  • Sorry can’t make it, but I’ll give someone a proxy

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Also, it’s not clear to me in the statutes how many is the minimum we need for the GA to function. It seems to either be a majority of full members (so 4 out of 7) or a majority of households (3 out of 5). Can anyone confirm this?


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I thought everyone should be there, but not 100% sure.

I’m confident it’s a majority of some kind, I’m just not sure of the criteria regarding exactly what ‘kind’…

I think the majority would be of “votes”, with each households get two votes. Why?

  • People in the same household should be allowed to vote differently
  • But The Reef is still a project based on units.

Lie asked be to make sure that we had enough people, so I assumed she was talking about the minimum number of people required to have a quorum by law…

Our statutes say that decisions can only be taken if there is a certain quorum, but given that we haven’t taken any significant decisions yet, so far we haven’t really bothered too much.

The minutes of the GA, digitally signed, are now on Nextcloud. Welcome to all new members: @Sebas and Aline, @Julien, @Adriana, @Lea and Ryan, @CaroB and Patrick!

We still need Adriana and Ryan to add their NRNs to the Registry of members. :slight_smile:


@Julien, @Adriana, @Lea and Ryan, @CaroB and Patrick, can you please fill in the onboarding documents? You can find the link in the Onboarding Manual, Section 2.1, point 6. Can you please also have a look at point 5 on the pictures in Section 2.2 below?

@Sebas and Aline, and @Julien: can you please add your picture (see Section 2.2, point 5).

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Lee,

I am travelling this week and hopefully will find a quiet moment somewhere to fill out the forms. FYI and thank you for your patience!


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