Gald to be here!

Hello everyone!

Above all, it is a pleasure to be part of such an interesting project and such a rich community.

My meeting with Mr Alberto this week in Casa was a real pleasure.  Experiences, debates and discussions we had with the people we met were very rewarding.

I am Driss El Moudni, I was born in Fez and grew up in Casablanca. After my degree, I’ve been to a tourism business school in Tangier where we were more than twenty nationalities. It was a very rich experience thanks to the diversity we lived in every single day. I graduated with an MBA, but also with a very strong human experience.

A foreign experience was thus a logical next step for me, also, the desire was strong to continue my studies and specialize in the business of communication.

So I went to Barcelona, where I made a first Master in Public Relations and a second in event Protocol.

I stayed in Barcelona for two more years where I worked in the field of event and communication.

After some great years in the north of Spain, I came back to Casablanca, where I held several positions, putting into practice all my knowledge and bringing my expertise to the companies I worked with.

Today it has been over a year since I started my own business: a communication and business agency. An experience full of challenges as any entrepreneurial initiative in such a big city like Casablanca.

I am fascinated by the work of Edgeryders and it really was a super interesting discovery.

I am now the engagement manager of Morocco and very happy to be part of this adventure.

I’d love to talk to people in the community and share our experiences and views, so feel free to contact me.

NB : excuse my english, I really miss practicing ^^

Cheers everyone !



Marhababik @Driss, so glad to have you on board and looking forward to check the projects you will be suggesting for case studies in Morocco.

Additionally, do not hesitate to ask me if you need any help. I’m in Armenia all summer but will be back in September and would love to meet you then.

Best of luck,


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Welcome to team @Driss, its a pleasure to see Edgeryders find a team member in Morocco after such  long search!

Meanwhile, I am helping with Cairo :slight_smile: Do not hesitate with anything

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