Garden Of Life Academy

Garden of Life

We chose the name ‘Garden of Life’  for our After School projects, as we believe that every child is like a different flower, and if nourished in mind, body and spirit, will blossom all together to make this world a beautiful garden. We understand that connecting with nature helps raise our consciousness and that brings out the best of everyone; our learning model raises our students mind, body and soul through sun, earth, technics in mindfulness, respect for one another, other living creatures, and themselves. Each flower needs watering and nurturing and for them to blossom, we need patience to let each one discover their own potentialities and dare to live them.


We are an International Academy and After School projects, empowering a new generation with life skills and tools to reach higher consciousness allowing them to discover the seed of genius that they are born to be. We encourage them to explore and find their passion through a strong connection with nature and one another, respect for themselves, alongside latest technology and a diverse array of opportunities to aid in bringing to light a balanced, joyful, skillful, intelligent and compassionate Human Being enabling them True Prosperity.


Garden of Life Academy shall empower its students to find their passion and to have a balanced, joyful, skillful, knowledgeable and compassionate life leading them to True Prosperity.

Our academy will have presence world wide, creating a network (Garden Of Life Global Academy) as well as a teaching model easily replicable for those around the world who want to join us sharing this human and close to nature´s approach, that allows this model to be widely recognized as one of the best options for teaching life skills in After Schools.

Discerning Parents

Are you disillusioned with your child’s full education? Would you love for your child or children to learn in a family environment that personalizes rather than standardizes that extra education and where you are always welcomed to become involved? Would you wish for your child to not only be coached in academia from school, but also in ethics, life tools and how to connect to others, nature, growing and preparing healthy foods as well discover his or her full potential? Would you wish for your child an environment that brings out the genius we believe is within each and every one of us, through exposing them to many opportunities to explore what that is? Would you be thrilled if your child would learn not only to nurture others but themselves?

The projects are for children from 6-12, whose parents wish for their child or children to have a full all round education that teaches those life skills that may not have been covered at school. The projects will provide a stimulating, yet family environment housed by those in the community that has a home that could accomadate 5/6 children after school. Someone that who would also benefit from this interaction. The training manual will cover all aspects of working with children to help them discover mindfullness and therefore their own true potential, growing gardens, activity and performing and visual Arts, The projects will wish to keep their numbers to a ratio of 5-6 children to each Garden of Life Teaching coaches or knowledgeable volunteers sharing their skills, from carpentry to journalism.

Each project - The children will;

Start  with clearing the mind and De-stressing  tools and create positive affirmations for themselves

They will create,care and nurture gardens created in a small environment.

Help prepare their own healthy snacks, learning to care and nurture themselves

Learn from knowledgeable skilled Volunteers in diverse fields in the local area

Play music, dance, enjoy performing and visual arts and sports using all their senses

Explore group activities and group projects

Become part of a growing Global Garden of Life network of other families and friends.

and our ethos is:

I hear I forget, I see I remember, I Do I understand

We can best help children learn by making the world accessible to them and helping them explore

Study without desire spoils the memory and it retains nothing - Leonardo de Vinci

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t always tell you what to see

Children must be taught how to think, not always what to think

Grades do not measure intelligence and age does not define maturity

True Prosperity is a Life full of love, passion, joy, compassion, health and well-Being

Tools to learn how to work with the inevitable change and stress in life, is as essential as food

Every child is like a different flower, and if nourished in mind, body and spirit, will all together make this world a beautiful garden

With these examples implemented in our projects we know children can master anything they show passion for, and find the intelligence to help them achieve the success that is needed for their individual dreams and importantly, help them achieve True Prosperity in their lives.

Michele Claiborne

‘As a Life Coach and Natural Healer for children and adults, I am so aware of the lack of life tools most have not been privy to learn. Everything from basic health and nutrition to people skills and coping with life’s inevitable changes and stresses and how to follow their passions and live a life of what I call ‘True Prosperity’. I am passionate, along with many others, to help the new generation in learning these tools. I have created an inspiring program for children through all my work and other renowned scholars, that truly makes a difference in the lives of the children, the families and eventually the planet. Give a child the right environment and the right approach to learning and I believe the child will blossom into his or her full potential, brimming with confidence, compassion, intelligence and passion for life. I feel privileged to have begun this challenge by opening up Garden of Life Academy After School projects first in New Orleans where it was founded but now it is ready to share this International vison!’ I hope you join me, either as a sponsor, student, participant or becoming the principle of your own Garden of Life Academy After School Learning Center and enjoy the thrill with me in being part of aiding this New Generation.’

True Prosperity for everyone, Michele Claiborne

Pre- school teacher in England Suffolk for three years (including mothering  her own two children)

Company Director of Claiborne Publications, creating educational publications for children.  Author of over 60 titles including the internationally successful magazine Play and Learn & Play and Learn for Tomorrows World

Qualified as a Natural Healer, Counselor, Health and Life Coach

Creator and host for a Radio educational program on BBC radio in England, Play and Learn for kindergarten children

Summer camp director for Play and Learn summer schools in England

The founder of H.E.L.P. Hands-on Education for Life Project in Africa teaching basic health, nutrition and Garden skills to children and mothers

Co-founder of Love a Child foundation, a charity to support children from poor areas of the world who are refugees, abandoned, abused, exploited or orphaned

Healing Arts International Festivals - Spain and New Orleans bringing the performing, visual and Healing Arts as a education program for all those who attended

Founder of Edible City educating children and parents how to create edible gardens also helping New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center with summer camp

Founder of the Garden of Life Academy project

Nurture Mind,Body and Spirt GARDEN OF LIFE ACADEMY!

At GARDEN OF LIFE ACADEMY  you will be taught by Michele Claiborne and eventually other faculty members with many years of experience, trained in our method of teaching and a vast array of qualified skilled volunteers from film makers to musicians and carpenters to editors.

Here are some of the reasons that set us apart and we need funding for:

We offer opportunities for each child to explore an array of life tools and experiences that are not offered at many schools

Within our family environment (using local individuals or families that can facilitate 5/6 students) to enable to nurture each child truly believing that he or she is a genius within his or her own field and teach them how to find their passion and follow it and how to nurture not only others, but themselves

We need funds to train others how to bring the best out of each child, ethically, practically and intellectually using the GOLA learning program helping children and young adults to find True Prosperity in their lives

Our first GOLA After School project was successfully held at Edible City Gardens,  New Orleans, The Old School House, 417 Dakin Street on February 2014 starting 5th on Wednesdays, 4-530pm with accompaning parental or adult supervision .


Hello @Michele_C , thanks for sharing this.

However, it looks like you copy-pasted some kind of promotional text, so that it can be hard for us to understand what’s really going on behind the scenes. On the face of it, this can look like a holistic post-school care for rich kids. Can you tell us more as to which care needs you were trying address? Who are your, uh, clients I guess? Why did you feel this was needed?