Gathering this Wednesday (31/05)

Hello @reeflings,

We have a plenary scheduled for this Wednesday, but after having talked to a couple of people it seems like there are not enough topics to organise a full plenary.

The idea would therefore be to organise an (optional) social gathering. Because time seems a bit short to organise a poll and what not, I’m offering my garden as the default. If somebody would like to propose something else, you are very welcome of course.

Here’s a poll where you can confirm your presence:

  • Yes I’ll be there
  • Nope can’t make it

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@reef-full: can you please check with your buddies to see whether they found this message, and also ask them to check their notifications (e.g. request to fill in the onboarding documents)?

(post updated to improve the poll, so we can see who said what)

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Hi, thanks Lee. Unfortunatly i work untill 10.30pm this wednesday. Enjoy !

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I have climbing trainig on wednesdays until the first week of july

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Hello, is the gathering happening in the end? I replied yes to the poll on behalf of Ryan who would come, but we have lots of stuff to get done at home so would also be happy to do that instead if few people are available tonight.

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@Lea and all other Reeflings,

Given the small number of people who can make it, I propose we call it off and we see each other next Wednesday for a plenary meeting.