GCF held an open session forum for the New Shape Prize on Sunday

This was a full-day event open to the public and featuring the top 14 submissions for the New Shape Prize as well as a keynote address by Michael Moller from the UN (Director General of the Geneva office) and a handful of insightful panels themed around global governance and risks.

The presented ideas were awesome and I feel that a connection to Edgeryders would be useful- to share knowledge, research, explore prototypes together and inspire further collaboration.

I’ve written a reflection about my 5 top ideas (here) and the finalists submissions are all open to read here.

It would be great to share any feedback on this topic, such as how we can move forward and assist with any of the proposals (the finalist will be named tonight however most of the ideas are robust and worth exploring, particularly in combination with each other).

Happy reading!


Thank you for this update @Phoresced !
Have the finalists been announced yet?

Yes, Tuesday evening- three winners.
Natalie Samarasinghe- Helping the UN to do itself out of a job
Maja Groff & co - Global Governance & the Emergence of Global Institutions
Soushiant Zanganehpour - A.I.-supported Global Governance through Bottom-Up Deliberation.
Even beyond the winners, many very inspiring and actionable proposals have been made and I gather the rest of the event set about to combine brilliant ideas.