Get back in touch with Cairo workshop participants

Email every person who submitted documentation and describe the campaign

  1. Send them further enquiries about their project
  • what stage of completion (idea stage vs deployed)

  • interview questions from interview framework).

  1. Follow up for after that with invitation to participate in call + campaign
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Following this comment I have not contacted anyone yet.

I was hoping to discuss the possible choices in the Egypt Community Call, however that did not materialise. And sending to the entire list might just be too labor intensive.

I have mixed feelings over this.


How about we send them one email linking to the case study you posted as an example of what we are looking for (case studies as part of the book project) with the bigger aim (build effective and sustainable network of mutual support, p2p and articulate clear proposals for how institutional actors caqn support it).

  1. Contributing by pairing up with one another: I interview you and post transcript, you interview me and post transcript. Good way is to come to community call to find others to tandem with.

  2. Contribute by giving feedback in form of reflective comments on existing posts in Case Study Adventures group.



  1. No. Bad Idea. That is the same format as in the actual workshop we held, I’d expect the same mixed results. I agree with you, we should invite them to the community call, and it can be taken from there.

  2. Very good yea.

@Nadia, lets tackle this together now :slight_smile: Are you free for a 5 min Skype call?

Just saw this. Yes to skype call

Im online on my personal skype account: niasan

Ping me whenever.

@Nadia To prevent duplication of efforts: Have you followed up with the Cairo workshop participants?

No stopped after your comment above

Felt we needed clearer description of book project and min one case study from Egypt for them to understand what we are looking for. Now we have both I can send email to them. If you want to do it, feel free also.