Get-to-know-each-other workshop on 12 June: invitation

Sure no problem.
See you soon :slight_smile:

Hello. I’m a bit late to the conversation, having joined the event only the day before yesterday. So I don’t know exactly where you stand on needs for help.

But if needed be, I can give a hand for drink &snacks/lunch/cleaning up.

See you all tomorrow !


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Hi @ThomasMaertens and welcome to our forum! We more or less fixed all the preparatory stuff, so that’s great. For the help we need on the day there will be a list in the hallway, so if you would like to sign up you are very welcome.

Thanks in advance & see you tomorrow!

Hi everyone! Also a bit late to this conversation. Sarah and I are happy to help with lunch/cleaning up/anything really. Is it tomorrow morning that things need to be moved from Forest? We could go there early on our way to Uccle to help with this, if that works… :slight_smile:


Hi @ChrisM and welcome to the forum! Somebody already brought the stuff from Forest, but thanks for the offer!

See you tomorrow! We look forward to meeting you!