Get-to-know-each-other workshop on 12 June: preparation

Hello @reeflings,

I more or less finished my preparatory work for the get-to-know-each-other workshop on 12 June. You can find the materials in the Nextcloud shared folder > Recruitment and onboarding:

  • An annoted agenda (proposal - feedback welcome)
  • A short presentation on next steps (idem)
About the agenda:

Overall I would propose to keep things flexible and go with the flow. We have a list of activities that we can offer (getting to know each other games, speed dates, world cafe etc), but I would rather not have to follow a set agenda to the minute.

About the logistics:
  • Venue: I would propose to do the workshop at my place. If the weather is good we can do some parts in the park. If the weather is bad and we would feel claustrophic, we could do the walking world café in the bars in the neighourhood.
  • Materials needed for the activities: some flipchart papers (or big sheets of paper), a beamer => Can anybody help out on this?
  • Lunch, drinks, coffee and snacks => Maybe just a simple “make-your-own-sandwich lunch”? => Could anybody please help out on this?
  • Personal presentation fiches => See Nextcloud > Recruitment and onboarding: I would like to ask everybody (all participants) to create one for themselves and print it. We can them put them all together against a wall, so that people who are interested can read them. I think it’s good thing to have in the long term anyway, and at the workshop it’s a useful thing for people who are more introverted.
About the participants:
  • File location: Reef’s Google Drive > Meetings with new Reeflings
  • So far we have 10 people who will be joining us.
  • Dietary requirements are in column P. The majority of the participants are vegetarian or vegan.
To do:
  • Grateful if you could have a look at the preparatory materials (agenda & presentation) and provide any feedback that you may have prior to the next plenary meeting (09/06)
  • Grateful if you could fill in a personal presentation fiche, so that we have ours ready before we send out the invites.
  • Grateful if you could complete the Members Register with the extra information that I would like to collect for logistical reasons (see Nextcloud > ASBL > Registry).

sure, we can take care of the lunch (manuel and ugne:)

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slide 14 on the edgeryders platform: we suggest proposing a training session on how to use it for those who need it. I can do it (manuel)

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A training on how to use the Edgeryders forum seems like a great plan. Thanks a lot!