Getting in touch: letter in French

Hello all, I have composed an opening email in French for Charles Spapens, 1st échevin in Forest. Here it is.

I have a couple of doubts, maybe you guys can help me.

  1. “Tu” or “vous”? When he came to our place a year ago (before the elections), it was “tu”, but now he is in an official capacity…
  2. How explicit should I be? Is it “shall we meet and discuss it” or “shall we meet and discuss whether this might be something for Forest to get directly involved in”? For now I chose the first formula.
  3. I am reluctant to use the website, because frankly it’s really ugly. The content (in English only) is there, but it looks terrible. So I just kept it short.

Would like feedback especially from @manuelpueyo (how did you do it in Ixelles?) and @chantal_vanoeteren.

Hello a tutti!

I have read the text and I have also made some corrections.

Yes, I think it’s better to address him with “vous” :wink:

Good Idee to open the door with a first appointment with this letter/mail.

We can tell or ask him more about a possible involvement of the municipality ones we are discussing it together with him in his office.

It gives him the opportunity to make the first step… maybe he will be proud to propose a kind of collaboration during the meeting?



Le lun. 21 oct. 2019 à 18:50, Alberto Cottica via Edgeryders a écrit :

Wow, Chantal, thanks! You have made a complete rewriting of my French-written-as-if-it-were-English, with all the flourishing gone. Sending the email now.

@manuelpueyo, have you written to Ixelles yet?

no. i was not suppose to do that if i understood well. my task was to get in touch with Perspective Bruxelles. To see if they could help. working on it!

Hmm. Then I misunderstood you. You are talking to Perspective Bruxelles in order to get to Ixelles?

not really. I think @chantal_vanoeteren was talking to ixelles. Perspective brussels is regional institutions operating in many communes. update: i just got in touch with my old friend (anabel guerin) and she is exactly working partially on alternative housing. she asked me to send her an email with summary description of the project and she will have a look and see if this fits in their scheme. I will put you inCC

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anabel from perspective brussels


Yes Indeed. I am supposed to contact Ixelles. I will do it soon.

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