Getting ready for mid-term review - forward your info

[This is relevant to partner representatives, ER @alberto WeMake @Costantino SCImPULSE @markomanka EHFF @lakomaa City of Milano @rossana_torri

and even more to the persons dealing with the admin/financial part of the project. Please make sure everyone gets the info.]

WHAT. Following the Stockholm meeting, we have agreed to get all financial information together by July 1st:

  • timesheets (and costs),
  • expenses,
  • etc.

WHY. The idea is to avoid getting frenzy when we do it for real at the end of the year. @lucechiodelliub together with senior admin colleagues can help make sure everything fits with the EC expectations (cost eligilibility, internal auditable processes, etc.). This is in no way mandatory, it’s meant to help you and make sure we get everything right on mid-term. You should not expect to have the same level of support when we do it for real – simply because Luce is with us only part time, and because she will then need to proceed with the official paperwork (and that takes time).

Remember also, you will upload your financial data on the EC portal all by yourself [see the footnote below]. Working with Luce now is a good way to anticipate on all this and avoid unnecessary and unhealthy admin panick.

HOW. We suggest to aggregate everything within the EMDesk tool.

As suggested by Massimo, to avoid any confusion with uploaded figures, we suggest you forward Luce with your timesheets, cost sheets, etc.

  • *She* will enter the data in EMDesk.
  • *You* will check the entered figures are coherent with what you sent.
  • There might be back and forth exchanges between you and Luce to make everything is clear.

[Footnote: it would have been great if, after uploading all financial info into EMDesk, we could push the upload button. This is not the case, the EC requires that partners each upload their own data on the portal. The sitaution is different for scientific reports. EMDesk produces a single document aggegrating all deliverables and scientific docs uploaded on EMDesk, that we can then submit on behalf of all partners.]

Under way!

@lucechiodelliub I am aggregating Edgeryders data in the spreadsheets you suggested.

I am almost done reporting months 1-6. I still miss three things:

  • Timesheet: Nadia for months 1-3 and the final third of Gualter's contract.
  • I need a final check on travel expenses (Jimmy Tidey and Nadia).

I will let you know when I am done.

Please note July 1st has passed. Do you have a new deadline?

Thank you for your feedback

@alberto - Thank you very much for you feedback !

By looking at the budget: the expenses recorded are ok, just one thing to correct: expenses under the equipment tab are in fact to be swiped to the “goods and services” category (under equipment, the EC intends partners to record “heavier” equipment such as laser or MRI, for which you will need to use a log book and declare obsolescence - for example, buying laptops are considered consumables instead of equipment and are to be recorded under “goods and services”).

@alberto / @costantino and @zoescope - The deadline is the following: I need all information to be sent back by the 20th (past that date, I will compile all info into EMDesk, send you the final report version and… leave on a summer break :))

Then I’m done

@lucechiodelliub I have made the change you requested and finished uploading our stuff. As far as Edgeryders is concerned, we are ready to submit our numbers for months 1-6. We have used 54,610 EUR of our budget in months 1-6. I think we are on track, considering we will burn through budget a little faster in months 7 to 21.

Also please note that the consent funnel module has now been coded, installed and tested on the Edgeryders platform (see this task).

Great !

Thank you @alberto !

I have indeed seen the implementation of the consent funnel and tested it this morning :slight_smile: