Getting revenue and collaborating . 15.Nov.2013 notes

Hangout                                 15.Nov.2013

Ronen [iamronen], Rita [pacheca], [Nadia], Ksenya [K], [Dorotea], David Bovill [fortyfoxes] and Adil Adenwala [Aden]

How can we help each other sustaining ourselves?

Getting revenue and collaborating. 


Explained that she’s been travelling these days since LOTE3.

Was in a gathering about Horizon 2020 and in London meeting “Locality” network (of development trusts, community enterprises, settlements and social action centres

- See more at: )

About the fact that the kernel as a private space - the online platform:

Though there is a “struggle” for openness, there are at the same time situations when discussions need privacy, from being searchable online.

For instance when developing applications for fundings, it matters to keep the advantage of our proposal from possible competition.

On the other hand there is this will to engage more people on the daily sustainability of the community, promoting micro businesses that start generating revenue.

(Nadia saying)

I’ve been travelling a lot and I’ve seen and can tell

There are a lot of resources that we can use.

We want to do something together.

How can we help each other (business part) to promote sustaining ourselves?..

Referred that she believes that if we organize a step forward it will be possible for “active Edgeryders” (?) to earn something between 10.000 to 15.000€ year.


(for instance Edgeryders as offering a service on supporting people near the burning Edge - Health in general, moves a lot of money, and it is a very present in our days…)

client base / promoting engagement /

Need for creating projects.

To find ways of facilitating and sharing these projects within the community.

We need to create bridges, start to find ways of helping each other getting together for hands on work. Concentrating efforts.

Create clear calls to action.

Where the person leading the project takes as responsibilities:

. Presenting the process clearly , to community and Admin.

. Explains how one can engaged in the project and what one can expect from it.

. Define and create a proposal, that can be discussed with the Kernel and specifically with Artur.

Online component to supporting that?

Creating bridges

sharing projects

more people active in the social media routine creating a shared maintenance

retreats, physical spaces settlement movement has a lot of spaces all over

back to the basics . Sweat Shower

convert a place into a space me

basic physical infratructure: space, food, electricity…and online space to support that  

where we need privacy  

can we do this without money

or is the questions essentially “where does the money come from?”  

edgeryders as collaboration platform…

combination of physical and digital infrastructure,

work of network weaving and mainating social infrastructure,

connecting people, buidling campaigns and calls to action.

The business plan is needed for productive channeling of resources.

designing platform has a cost.

We can get a long way perfecting existing channels towards delivering value on business plans.  


also on burnout: steal the burnout scale from agile project dev crowd? OK - but…

now how do you you (Nadia) pitch that project in the community as a revenue generating project?  

how do we raise (social) capital inside the community to back that project?  

/t/budget-finances/341 /t/making-lote3/360/hire-yourself-using-edgeryders-as-a-corporate-shell-for-your-projects  

Nadia - it does. Don;t play down your super-powers!

We do this type of thing agile / lean

Adil Adenwala 14:05 this is website , helpful for streamin lining different points of content and users can also attribute it … check this …

check the free version for starter  

hey nadia, its k: is there a post on that model?

project management and budget thing u just said?

Let’s try some projects:

1) p2p burnout prevention

2) agile helpdesk for charities and other projects  

that is i must add . .is awesome document … mother of all documents   


Platform design, inwards and outward communication:

1) make one video for homepage, gets across message of what Edgeryders is

2) i30 second slot about business opportunities  

(Dorotea Mar 14:16 i can do that  Nadia 14:16 thanks Dorotea)

Form storm .

1) EU social innovation competition

2) Identify other opportunties

3) Create checklists and process map for doing them  

(I have a couple that need to be in before  

And it links to the business plan stuff… as a pilot, Yes.)

There will be an hangout next week [K] (?) Is it Wednesday at 7pm CET?

Is there a meeting tomorrow?

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Rita, very kind of you to put this together, it really helps in terms of some of the things we need to get started with. It becomes clear that one of the things we need to focus on is to get better at channeling our own collective resources and generate paid work for ourselves. Love this group, if we manage to post more calls for participation here so that community members know where exactly they can get involved and how that can help us earn something (where the work goes) it would be awesome. Keeping up the work then :slight_smile:

Any idea when the next hangout is?

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