GitHub housekeeping

At the Bordeaux hackathon we started creating GitHub repositories as “scratchpads” for our code. I think @Costantino had a system in mind for organising the opencare stuff.

At the moment there is an opencare user, but no organization. I propose the following:

  1. We transfer the new repo to the opencare user (actually @melancon must do this, he is the owner). 
  2. The opencare user creates an opencare organization and invites us to it, with admin privileges. At this point, we can all be assigned and assign issues, and notifs on GitHub become easier. 

Works? Costa, maybe you can do this, or pass me the login credentials of opencare user not on Edgeryders but on a secure channel.

opencarecc org is up and running


we already have an org in github not a user and I can admin it.

Just give me your github handle and I’ll add you there!



guywiz and albertocottica

If you admin us, we will invite others. @Jason_Vallet , and also the two Cap Gemini developers who volunteered to help us in the hackathon.

Need admin access to opencarecc

Hey @Costantino

I created a repo for the data management plan. I also created API documentation (using Apiary) that I would like to push to the repo. But the app would not let me, because I do not have admin rights:

GitHub also requires admin rights to transfer repos from people (Guy and myself) to organizations (opencarecc). Can you make us admins please? Thanks!