Going public: a first attempt at a roadmap from here to the summer

Hello @reeflings, due to some changed circumstances in @Lee’s plans, I am now considering we could go public before the summer. Yesterday Lie and I sketched a tentative roadmap, which I tried to prettify today. Here:

I used Miro, a software of which I am not a fan (but wanted to give it a try in its MindMap functionality) and I am not very good at using. The good news is that you can navigate and change it at this link.


thank you :grinning: ! will have a look at it on wednesday, for the public meeting we could book a room for free in muntpunt cheers!

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Good idea!

The roadmap looks good to me.

Do you foresee to create a proper website or we stick with the minisite? I can help with that.
We also have already made a V1 registration form.

We upgrade the minisite, mostly by putting there the documents under preparation. @nadia is generously donating an artwork she will create specially for The Reef in the solarpunk-ish style she developed for the Witness series:

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@manuelpueyo why would we be able to get a room for free?
Also: are we sure that a maximum capacity of 45 people is enough?

Dear @alberto (hello @reeflings ),

Thanks for this sketch (I’ve been wanting to explore Miro for a while - you say you don’t like it; do you know of anything better?). I can only note this timeline for now. Perhaps you could add the point at which it’s either commitment x 2, commitment x 4, or commitment x 6. I should think it will have an impact on the timeline as well.

Best, Sabine

P.S. I don’t mean to take any wind out of your sails!

it seems that there is a project inside muntpunt called DE GRID and they are open to receive ideas to use this place.

Would you, your organisation or collective like to be part of the programming of De Grid? Want to reserve the whole space? Do you have an idea? Would you like to give us feedback or other input?

Let’s collab @ De Grid! Send an email to de.grid@muntpunt.be.

This is covered by the vision document. After the public meeting we will enter a phase that is more similar to what the work will look like in the following 4 years or so. 2-3 months after joining as associate members (for us, after the public meeting) should be sufficient to determine whether to continue as full members. So, let’s say come the summer we will know as much as we are ever going to know, and if we are still not convinced, that means we should drop out of the process.

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