Going to a Protest? Read this Advice from the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a nice rundown of how to handle your technology before during and after a protest. Looks pretty comprehensive to me.

Thank you for this John, what’s your key takeaway?

What we’re seeing is that even if one tries to stay away from direct confrontation with police, they may not be able to avoid it. So even is such cases, one needs to prepare for the worst. That used to mean having some water and cloth to deal with tear gas (I have experienced tear gas in protests) and having an ID. Now especially with phones bearing witness, often in real time, providing A/V on the scene, new protocols must be observed to protect both the person and the recording.

I would put in a word for Twitter here. Most of the time I find it to be such a crush of varying information that it almost triggers an ADD response in me. But in times like this, it is such a valuable tool for the people.