Good news: OpenCare at the Data for Policy conference

Edgeryders were invited by UNDP to showcase our methodology at the Data for Policy conference (London, 15-16 September). This is a pretty high profile venue: admission is £550 for academic and non-profit participants, 750 commercial. We would be part of a panel in which UNDP shows off their data-driven consultants. Our part is on “thick data”: qualitative information that is somehow made amenable to computation.

We would like to us OpenCare as the “flagship study” with our methodology. @melancon, can  you help building a demo? We will provide a batch of coded data from the OpenCare conversation; your job would be to build them up into an interactive network visualization. As a first approximation, even an instance of Detangler with OpenCare data might work, be by September we can probably do better.

Should be feasible

Let’s put that on top of the things to look at more closely in Stockholm. I’ll have with me the people who can help build the demo.