Good news: When quarantine shut the city down, Barcelona city officials used the opportunity to implement years' worth of bike lanes in just a few weeks.

Found this great story by Laura Millan Lombraña about what happened as told by Adria Gomila, the urban planner behind it. Photo by

Anyone know of other examples of good things that were made to happen faster during the lockdown?


maybe you have seen this already @pbihr ?

Thanks for posting this @nadia. Usually right now I’d be getting reading for my annual field trip to Barcelona with my students, so this is an interesting read to allow me to visit in spirit. Hope the bike lanes are still there when we’re back, hopefully next year.

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Milano, same thing. But on top, they are going beyond bike lanes, and thinking about how to re-use streets away from cars. And since this is Italy, the answer seems to be “space for shopping and open air cafes and restaurants”.