Goro - just a nudge unit or is there more to it?

One thing I am intrigued by - for quite a while now – is the existence of Goro. Allthough part of the fabric of Witness it seems to be something marginal in the bigger scheme of things. But it also has a real disruptive potential. At current, it is believed to be a ‘nudge unit’ or designed to add “a touch of serendipity and whimsy to Hygge”. But could it be much more than that? It could turn out to be a cloaked probing mechanism/ instrument of a yet unrevealed power/ group to search for weakness’ in the data driven Districts within Witness. One of those weakness’ could then be exploited to trigger an event and a seemingly spontaneous civil reaction to disrupt or destabilize a Distrikt or even the “cooperative fabric” of Witness as a whole.


Agree. We’ll see what the writers do, but someone will surely turn it into Loki, or your own local Trickster…

Goro shows up here :wink:

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