Grandopening party date?

According to [elf Pavilk], unMonastery Matera has to pospone its grandopening party. I can confirm [Nadia] will be in town on the 12th, back on the 19th. Me, I will most likely arrive one day later, on the 15th, and leave on the 19th with Nadia. We would be delighted to join in the party, but of course you should set the date as it best fits the unMonastery purposes! No pressure.



Who else could / would like to come on 15th? @ilariadauria @k @noemi @piersoft @toolosophy

I would have loved to, but

unfortunately Matera is more than a flight away from Cluj, time distance and money wise I can’t make it this time… as usual, keeping an eye on what’s happening though.

Been meaning to tell you this but didn’t get the chance, thanks for your lovely set of videos on vimeo, I love waking up and checking out what unMonasterians have been up to lately :slight_smile:

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