Graphryder API down

It looks like the Graphryder API is down, @matthias & @daniel, do you know what’s up?

I am not managing that software. We have to ask @luca_mearelli what’s up.

(Also, the more details the better when reporting software issues. Are you trying to access in the browser, or the API directly by own software? What error messages do you get resp. what symptoms of malfunction do you see?)

I already asked @luca_mearelli if he wants us to report via GitHub.

But there may be a problem with the original beast at (also down, and in the same way: the interface loads, but no data are passed to it), and that is maintained by @melancon.

Right. So what I meant specifically was that:

  1. is not loading any data.
  2. is also not receiving data.
  3. is not responding (503 error).

Will look into it with the help of @jason_vallet

Thanks for warning me.