Graphryder production environment

soon there will be a need to install in a publicly available space the Graphryder application that is being updated, to do so we’ll need a space where to host it.

The application has very basic requirements, as it is a “static” website (html+css+js), with no server components.

It’d be best if the space could be in its own virtual server, a third or fourth level domain would work :), possibly protected with SSL by default.

While not required, to setup a proper workflow for deployment I’d need to be able to use git and have python on the server. I could do with less, but with I usually setup these using ansible whose basic requirement is to have python on the server (but without requiring any other package installed)

ping @matthias or @daniel

@luca_mearelli I have set up the webspace for you as requested :slight_smile: It’s not on its own virtual server though, but a separate webspace on our one-and-only server (with proper permission separation):

  • domain:
  • SSH login: ssh
  • SSL: enabled (LetsEncrypt, with automatic forwarding HTTP → HTTPS)
  • Python: available (Python 2.7)

To get SSH access, please send me your pubkey to, from the same address you use for your account.

(For simplification, you might want to think about providing Debian / Ubuntu packages for installation at some point.)


@luca_mearelli I did not yet receive your SSH pubkey. Please send it in soon so you have time to finish the setup in time for next week.

Oh, sorry I didn’t see the notifications from this topic :frowning:
I’ve just sent you my public key, thanks for the help!

@luca_mearelli says the new graphryder is live at Looks good!

I already found a small bug: the dialog box for downloading the graph gets superimposed to the graph in a confusing way:

Luca, do you want us to report issues on GitHub?

Yayy @luca_mearelli , can we haz edgesense installation too?

ping @hugi :))

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Yeah, looks cool! But the data isn’t loading for me for some reason…

ping @luca_mearelli see ^^

oh my, I’m really really sorry, the notifications form edgeryders got lost (a misconfigured filter in gmail made them skip inbox). I have opened an issue on github for this: the dialog box for downloading the graph gets superimposed to the graph in a confusing way · Issue #1 · edgeryders/graphryder-dashboard · GitHub

I’m also thinking that keeping the code in my personal workspace in github isn’t the best for Edgeryders, I’ll open a separate discussion about it

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The issue should be fixed now (if you still see the dialog with the worng styling, clean the cache and reload the page).