BRING ON THE ALLIES (Making a living Campaign)

I think I can be described as a free standing being in terms of energy. Why I’m not a free standing being in terms of money eludes me and worries me deeply. I do not extract energy from others. Last year, I reached a permanent irreversible state that keeps me constantly connected to a higher self. I give much of myself to others, but I also receive a lot from others too. Gratitude, I distributed freely, without counting. I really appreciate the people that cross my paths. These links remain very strong, always present in my heart, unaffected by time and space. I love these people.

Family: little support. They probably think I am not very smart. For 90% of my professional life, they haven’t been able to explain what I do. It started with my art work, and then it naturally extended to what I do for a living. I do not speak much, and I tend to be satisfied with people, the way they are (unconditional love).

Husband : left me the day the doctor signed me off work for 3 a month rest, during my pregnancy (when I became vulnerable, unable to take care of everything).

My big pale Golden Retriever dog has been my best companion these past 4 years. He’s always happy to see me, jumps in an elegant frantic dance of joy, does zero whining and… doesn’t talk.

People who inspire me (without their necessarily being aware of it) play an important role in my life. I’ve had a picture of the Dalai Lama and Ty Pennington (change agent from ABC, Extreme Make Over Edition) next to my computer for several years.

Some of my inspiring models have joined my network (Dr Deepak Chopra), and they regularly encourage me (Lolly Daskal).

Some authors are my mentors, even if they are dead. Baird T. Spalding has been a guide. I read quotes from Albert Einstein every day.

Philosophers and sociologists play a role too. I’ve been reading essays as long as I can remember. I read almost all the books of Pascal Bruckner.

I regularly consult with professional therapists: psychiatrist, psychologist, and social workers.

Art has always been a great source of inspiration.

But my social media network has been my main source of support. I met a lot of great people, thanks to social media.

In the sphere of Flublogia, I had the opportunity to discuss with fantastic people like David Nabarro (Senior UN System Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza at United Nations Headquarters in New York): he been a beacon for me.

Proeminent members of the #Leadfromwithin community, very positive minds, are of a considerable source of inspiration, like John_Paul, Tara Markus, MargotThompson, LollyDaskal, PDGProactivite, Strategiklead, Leadershipfreak, etc.

Numerous government officials, and open government advocates, scattered all over the world, also encouraged me. Many have recommended me for jobs, have written me letters, introduced me to other people, have given me advice, etc.

But my main source of support, contentment, feedback, and yes – much bliss of my brain from great conversations -, certainly comes from open government people. A medal of kindness goes to John F Moore (also a very positive generous mind) and Adriel Hampton: without these two men, I do not know where I would be today.

Something to celebrate!

Photo: Craig Vanderwagen

I forgot to include Admiral Craig Vanderwagen in my list of gratitude. The first US Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response under the redesignation of the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness (by the Pandemic & All Hazards Preparedness Act of 2006).

Since 2006, I remained in constant communication with him through social media, particularly Facebook. He used to regularly write notes on Facebook, where he shared his thoughts about pandemic preparedness. He was one of the first government officials to blog about pandemic preparedness. About a year later, the French communication counsellor and spin doctor Thierry Saussez, also began to blog. A discussion between the Anglophone and the Francophone community became possible between these two men, forming a sort of virtual bridge.

In October 2010, Craig Vanderwagen encouraged me to pursue my own research about consciousness. after he read my September 2010 post ‘Le plus intéressant dans le phénomène du Web 2.0’. At that time, I was experiencing the first steps of Kundalini (it started in February 2010). I did not know what it was, I discovered the existence of Kundalini a year later. But nevertheless, I realized it was something related to a higher state of consciousness.

His son was seriously ill, and while the members of his family struggled to support him in these difficult times, M. Vanderwagen made ​​an association in his mind between the role of consciousness, Preparedness and Response. Whereas, I had made a similar association with open government.

Photo: Marc Garriga

Yesterday (January 24, 2012), Edgeryders participant Marc Garriga made my day.

Not only did Marc Garriga cross the barriers of the Quebec bubble (by commenting on my mission report), but he also ventured into the discussion about consciousness, which has been the antechamber of the philosophers so far (ie Michel Filippi's mission report, Des hommes et de notre civilisation). Marc wrote very insightful comments, linking the information technology (and open government) to a new model of human being.

'Current technologies, the information technologies (IT), allowing the creation of a collective consciousness, that is, not only can improve the quality of life of people, they can go further and modify the definition of what we know as Humanity, wrote Marc Garriga.

Special thanks to Michel Filippi

Photo: Michel Filippi

Special thanks to Edgeryders participant Michel Filippi, a French experimental philosopher.

He helps me to explore a world that very few people know, not even the scientists.

We do much more than just discuss here. On a daily basis, Michel bombard me links and papers to read. We chat on Skype. We tweet with other members of his community. We make efforts to contact other networks.

This week, I wrote to the director (David Chalmers) of the Center for consciousness, of the Australian National University (ANU). This center does not have expertise in the area of research that interests us, but I was referred to another center, the Center for consciousness study, from the University of Arizona, in Tucson (promoting open rigourous discussion of all phenomena realate to conscious experience).


Photo: Deepak Chopra

This center in Arizona - apparently the Mecca for consciousness - is hosting a conference on consciousness, in April 2012, entitled 'Toward a science of consciousness'. Several guest speakers will be invited, including Dr Deepak Chopra. His keynote topic is the 'Neuroscience of Enlightenment'.

The information I seek perhaps only partially exists. At least, it’s encouraging to find out that some very serious people on this Earth are addressing these issues. I am not alone…

How can these issues be transposed to the field of open government (and other areas as well), and government institutions unlock funds for specific experimental projects and research on this?

Je suis touché

Non, spécialement parce que tu me cites Lyne, mais parce que tu fais partie de ces personnes décrites par Ervin Laszloászló : "En période de transformation de la société, une action volontaire et bien dirigée peut créer et promouvoir des idées et des mouvements susceptibles de devenir la nouvelle base des hommes et des sociétés. … Ainsi que l’a démontré Jonas Salk Jonas Salk - Wikipedia dans The Anatomy of Reality, il est tout à fait possible que la capacité de regarder devant soi, d’imaginer, de raisonner, de penser, de jauger et de juger soit suffisamment forte chez un certain nombre d’individus pout qu’existe une masse critique  capable d’inciter l’humanité à réagir aux défis de l’évolution de manière plus appropriée que nous ne le faisons aujourd’hui. …C’est entre nos mains que repose l’évolution de nos sociétés …

Un processus réglé

Décidément, Michel, tu es une véritable encyclopédie ambulante… Alors qu’en ce qui me concerne, c’est par l’intuition que j’effectue la plupart de mes expériences.

Je viens de lire (d’après Wikipédia) que le livre de Ervin Laszlo, ‘Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything, propose un champ d’information comme substance primordiale du cosmos. (C’est la même l’énergie que pour le Kundalini…) Utilisant le terme Sanskrit et védique pour l’espace, Akasha, il nomme ce champ d’informations le “champ akashique” ou “champ A”. Il explique que le “vacuum quantique” est l’énergie fondamentale qui transporte des informations et informe non seulement l’univers présent, mais tous les univers passés et futurs (ensemble, les “méta-univers”).’

Photo: Ervin Laszlo

László décrit comment ce champ informant peut expliquer de quelle manière l’univers est si profondément bien réglé, ainsi que de quelle manière se forment les galaxies de même que la vie consciente, et pourquoi l’évolution est un processus non pas aléatoire, mais réglé. Son hypothèse peut résoudre plusieurs problèmes de la physique quantique, entre autres la non-localité et l’intrication quantique. Son hypothèse verrait également à délier les différends entre la religion et la science, indique Wikipédia.

Il aurait trouvé une hypothèse pour expliquer Dieu?

Grâce à ce qui est proposé par ce théoricien du tout, il serait possible d’expliquer l’énergie Kundalini, qui s’empare du corps humain.

Avec le Kundalini, il faut bien entendu qu’il y ait au départ une part de volonté, quelque chose à l’intérieur de soi, une pulsion que l’on éprouve, qui nous y conduit, et déclenche le processus de la montée de l’énergie dormante de la base de la colonne vertébrale jusqu’au sommet de la tête, et dans tout le reste du corps. Mais il est évident que ce processus n’est pas contrôlé par l’individu. Il s’agit d’une intelligence en dehors du corps: quelque chose règle son parcours à travers le corps. Ce serait cette énergie fondamentale, dont parle Ervin Laszlo, qui transporte selon lui des informations. Cette énergie informerait chacune des cellules du corps qu’elles doivent se re-programmer. L’évolution grâce à laquelle l’individu obtient graduellement accès à une conscience plus élevée implique une transmutation de la personnalité tout entière, dans tous ses aspects. Ceci nécessite une révision complète et une restructuration de la machine organique, afin de la rendre apte à devenir le séjour d’une intelligence, d’un ordre différent de celle qui réside dans un corps humain normal.

Comme l’a indiqué Ervin Laszlo, il ne s’agit pas d’un processus aléatoire, mais réglé. Mystérieusement réglé. Mais réglé, tout de même.

S’il a été possible de décrire des systèmes, tels que le système cardiaque, ou encore les étapes du développement d’un foetus, de la fusion d’un spermatozoïde masculin à un ovule féminin, jusqu’à la formation d’un être humain complet, il sera possible, un jour, de décrire des processus tels que la transformation d’un humain à une autre forme plus élevée d’humain. Personne n’est encore capable de comprendre pourquoi chaque cellule comprend ce qu’elle doit faire, en rapport avec toutes les autres cellules, dans le processus de création d’un nouvel être vivant. C’est le même genre de processus réglé, qui produit un bébé humain, et qui fait renaître un humain sous une forme plus élevée d’humanité.

Et comme si ce n’était pas encore assez évident, ce processus prend naissance dans les organes reproducteurs du corps humain (et non pas dans le cerveau). De l’utérus nous naissons, et de la même région du corps - oui, la région du sexe! - nous RE-naissons.

(Représentation du serpent Kundalini, comme un serpent de feu endormi à la base de la colonne)

You are always too kind

Lyne, it is you, and all of those that you have named, that inspire me.  This team, and so many that will come in the future, are part of a great movement.

Small buds emerge

This mission report, in particular, I like to come back to it, from time to time. One month after another, I see progress…

My network of allies consisted mainly of PEOPLE IN MY HEAD. This did not bother me. (I have a different perception of reality than most people.)

However, something has changed. There is now a budding (small) community, of real people, getting closer to me.

For instance, an impulsion of inspiration started as intention in my mind. What began as a photograph of a master (Dalai Lama) next to my computer, eventually inspired me enough that I made a long way in the direction of awakening consciousness. I read this in some book (I even forgot which one), that it was necessary to surround oneself with pictures of favorite masters. Since I was lost and did not know where I was going, I followed the instructions. I have never given any importance to icons, but now I realize that they can be considered as the reference image that nourishes the mind. It may seem very strange, but I must admit that it worked for me.

I expect that the Edgeryders projet will spark enough connections to create an impulse of intention in upcoming months. I already mentioned a few Edgeryders participants, like Michel Filippi and Marc Garriga.

Serge Meunier (not yet on Edgeryders, but keeping an eye on it) proposed me to build a network on LinkedIn. There have been many discussions with the community of philosophers on Twitter since the beginning of 2012. I feel that something is being developed there.

I continue my daily training with experimental philosopher Michel Filippi. He feeds me with papers and information about theorists and philosophers. This makes us want to contact several of these scholars. I DEFINITELY AM BROADENING MY HORIZONS.

Three days ago (January 25, 2012), a new network was born. 14 Francophone citizens from 3 countries - France, Quebec and Tunisia - launched the We-blog Démocratie ouverte ( about open government (transparency, participation and collaboration). Cyril Lage and Jean-François Gauthier are the leaders of this group. They welcomed me in their team yesterday.

It’s not a lot of allies, when you think about it. Nothing too sensational.

But it’s better than it was, a few months ago, when I had lost all hope, and I had no other option than to throw away our project in the trash.

Actually, when I think about it too much, I feel dizziness take over my head and must immediately chase these thoughts away.

The dreams that we have, of a better society, they take a long time to materialize. As you already know, patience is not my greatest virtue.

However, these months I spent at your side, John, they were great. I felt alive. I felt I was doing the right thing.

Let’s continue to hope for the best!

Finally found the group for me!

I went to bed happier than ever, after I discovered yesterday night the Institute for Consciousness Research in Ontario, Canada. After marking more than 200 groups and projects on the new Map of CitizensLab / Edgeryders, I found one project that really fits my aspirations.

I will gladly participate to this intitute’s research by providing statistical data as a person experiencing the symptoms of a Kundalini awakening. See their Honorarium to encourage Kundalini research.

More over, they have a vision of world-wide collaboration (similar to JohnFMoore). Who knows, I could help this institute develop a sort of Kundalini-in-the-Lab community service???

‘Yes, a global collaboration will be necessary!’, they told me via Twitter.

‘We will work with anyone who takes the investigation seriously’ (ref tweet).

‘We are so committed to popular support from the people before a global research project is done.’ (ref tweet)

‘The ICR & KRN recently conducted a questionnaire for people going through Kundalini experience. Main goal = accumulate data.’ (ref tweet)

Institute for Consciousness Research is a non-sectarian group with the goal of raising public awareness of Kundalini. They believe this energy is the divine energy force, guiding mankind through the evolution of higher states of consciousness. According to their view the mechanism is responsible for all extraordinary talents, intuition, genius, inspiration, and spiritual illumination. The ICR would like to see more scientific investigation of Kundalini and believe that this research will lead to a new understanding of evolution, religion, insanity, psychic gifts, and other mind related aspects.

Institute for Consciousness Research members are active in literary research of known geniuses, distribution of information on Kundalini and consciousness research and the community. They support groups working toward a cleaner environment and world peace.

All scientific research on the matter of Kundalini is based on a proposal, this proposal includes the hypothesis, abstract setting, background, methods and materials and discussion on Kundalini research.

The research of the phenomenon of kundalini has originally been issued by Pandit Gopi Krishna. In the light of his experiences he himself has started to search the life of geniuses and enlightened persons in history for clues of kundalini awakening. One of these persons is Mohandas Gandhi. The Institute for Consciousness Research has continued this research and has looked into the lives of Victor Hugo, Johannes Brahms, Thomas Jefferson, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Maximilian Voloshin, Hildegard von Bingen, Saint John of the Cross and Sri Ramakrishna.