Green Container /hackathon Morocco

My name is Jalal Yassine i’m a moroccan citizen .
i have always dreamed to start my own project , and after what we are living nowadays with the climat and weather changes i wanted to do something that related to the envirement and help to improve the wellbeing and esspecially our green planet .
i have been travelling a lot as recently , on my way i was seeing many containers that are lost and damaged and some of them are polluted , and this shipping container can be very dangerous to our planet even at sea as i have read some articles on internet about a sinking shipping containers in the deep sea !
so i said to my self why not to use then and recycle them into something that can help and reduce the pollution and make them into something beautiful like our planet .

during ny travels many idea came across me about this containers and why not recycle them and use them into something beautiful ,as there are mobileable and strong …
In morocco we still don’t have this culture and is new things to do !
so i decided to pop up containers and to make them into different things like a shops , cafe restaurants even anything is possible just imagine a small hair dresser inside a cotainer :slight_smile:
as iam a native moroccan living in casablanca and it is a very busy and over croweded with different démographique so i said to my self why not to start first experience here and even help the young moroccans who want to start their small business here so anyone can have chance to do his own cafe shop with a low cost
so my GOAL is to pop up this shipping containers into a dream like i have in my presentation !

here is my project and my links on google drive

please feel free to check it out and leave a feed back or anything can help me shape this adea :slight_smile:

thank you peace and love

jalal yassine


Hello, @jalalyassine Welcome to the Edgeryders platform.
Can you please, check the link you shared? It is not a public one.
thank you :slight_smile:

ohh really !

check this one now :slight_smile:

kind regards


Thank you for the presentation @jalalyassine, Super helpful idea for small business.
How long it lasts to produce one container and how many skilled workers do you need?
Have you any idea or have made some studies to decide where to implement your workshop?
Can you tell us about your background and your teammates’ background too?

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Hello Zmorda !
thank you for your feed back !
ok so the producing of one container it depends on the style and the designe depend on the lengh too as there is 40 ft , 20ft , 10 and 8ft , in the end its all depends on the customer needs like bar cafe restaurant or something else .
as i will need a team of ( designer , technicians , builder ,painter electrician … )who will be able to work with me to built the final product
i will need a work shop as i have not decided yet where to start it .
i work on my own for this project and i have a strong believe on it !

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