Greeting from Te Waipounamu (south island) NZ

Roger here. Retired painting prof, artist, lapsed critic.


Hello Roger, and welcome :slight_smile:

Curious what drew you to join the scene - might help us connect you with interesting/relevant conversations?

Fyi: I think another edgeryder is from/based in NZ I believe @sammuirhead.

What drew me to join the scene?
To tell the truth I noticed that John Coate had something to do with
Edgeryders, which aroused my curiosity. I have connections to John & Co.
from way back and that sector of folks I knew/know are a fount of interesting
developments. My own interests are pretty dang eclectic … I’ve been an exhibiting painter
for over 40 years, a university painting lecturer (retired last year from teaching) for 25+ years, a one time published critic … and a dukes mixture of occupations (logger, kiln fireman, fruit tramp, event business owner NYC, et al) before that. Currently trying to teach myself to write fiction well enough not to embarrass myself. Thanks for asking.


Welcome from me too, Roger!

We have a fiction project of sort, led by @yudhanjaya. Check the short stories here:

As for the New Zealand angle, @richdecibels also hangs out here occasionally (Richard, do you read me? Are you still in Italy, or back in NZ?).

Thanks Alberto.
I’ll check out the project and person you kindly mentioned.

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