Greetings from Berlin! Excited to be joining you soon!

Dear edgeryders community,

I am very excited to be joining you’re open village retreat from the 2nd of march and until something between the 12th and 14th of march.

I am Ceylan, a co-founder of the „we build future“ project in north Germany. Some of you might heard of our project through Noemi, she joined us last year for the Open state of politics camp. If you are interested in our project you can read about it in Noemis article she wrote after attending the camp.

As some of you also might have heard, we are most likely to plan a camp/festival together with edgeryders. To set up in our venue. We are all very exited about that and Henry (who joined the open village in Brussels last year) is currently setting up a task force to start the co-creation process.

Me, I am very much inspired to join you in working on the projects displayed on the retreat website, connect with more of you, to already bond a little more and maybe even start a little co-creation process for the festival? Whatever the time brings, I am up for it. I am also up for giving an introduction to „how we use sociocracy 3.0 in our project space and as an organizational form within our cooperative“. I am not a professional sociocracy teacher but I joined an intensive training last year in Italy and I am practicing it kind of every day. more or less :slight_smile: It is a complex organizational form but slowly we are getting the hang of it.

In my everyday life I am working on setting up our project, trying to find new ways of sustainable organization. I am working with two wonderful friends in an organization, which creates and runs short retreats and workshops on transformative processes, team process development and coaching. I am also very much into gestalt therapy and will start a 3 year training this fall. I am a freelance podcast and film producer and also project manger. As I am living in a community space I am into community building processes, nature and permaculture. I am an easy going person who likes to be direct, transparent and tries to be loving most of the time :slight_smile:

I am very excited to be joining you and spend time with you on you’re projects and maybe even our co-creative festival project in the future.
As soon as I booked my flight back I will let you know the exact date of departure. Do I have to prepare anything? Bring anything special?

Please contact me with any questions or feedback!
Sending warm regards and looking forward to meeting you soon!


Collaborating with you and your group on the next festival is a great development for us, and I am certain, for you too.

Sociocracy is an interesting system. I have not practiced it formally, but in reading about it, I see that is is a good way for a group to make decisions and policy.

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@Ceylan :-)! Something that’s interesting with We Build Future is that you guys are trying to sustain it by feeding into it the skills of the group, but these are skills which you use professionally to make a living in the outside world. The house in Morocco is a bit similar in that there is a group investment, but people use it to ramp up their own projects, which in turn makes the group offer stronger. I’m most interested in this mix of what kind of skills and work you can use as a collective.

Do you personally bring in work for WBZ, host some of your paid activities there?

On a more earthly note, I think since there’s a lot of exploration around coffee making, sorting and drinking! they could use some lupine coffee :PP Just ordered mine on the internet, dont think it is so common in Belgium.

Dear @noemi that’s right. Everyone brings in skills they use in their jobs. Such as design thinking, dragon dreaming, agile methods, permaculture and crafting. People work with those skills in their own companies or as freelancers, coaching people and organisations. Working as architects, engineers, in education with children and adults or on building sites with wood, clay and brick.
I personally bring in a talent in organising and structering people, places, tasks and projects. As well as the knowledge I have in sociocracy 3.0, community building processes and process work. I am starting to get more and more involved into Gestalt therapy, which I really enjoy and love. I will start a 3 years education in November this year. I started hosting some workshops and retreats @WBZ last year. It is a little tricky for me because I feel very responsible for everything and so it is very different for me to host something on our project site than renting a seminar house. It is a challenge but I also enjoy it. Because that’s why we established that place.
I will definately bring a bag of lupine coffee! It’s amazing! We are all into it already. Are lupines local to Marocco?

See you soon! Ceylan

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This will be awesome and we can practice it immediately :smiley: