Growing network of localized nodes: Frank

[quote=Frank]I understand it as a vision of something that could happen at this point and I see it as a growing network of localized nodes. There is a common project say in the example of mutual aid and how can we activate the network when we see that there is a tangible need.


@alberto: Can you tell us why Woodbine has invested so much in this?

@alberto : Your economic vision translates into – when you bump into a need, if your network is a good one-- able to deploy some sort of solution. Two years ago, we were doing some work in Nepal, two days later, earthquake, we pivot and we joined the response effort with significant technical skills. That experience taught us some stuff – two months later, flash flood in the capital in Georgia. We know guerilla gardening groups – they knew us and they created a successful Facebook group – in no time there were 8000 people in the group. We found a program to provide mobile phones for disaster response. We hope to build an open source turn-key solution] I think that is becoming very clear that the State cannot handle these crises and will not handle them. Given that these other models have to be created.]