Growing the Reef in Brussels: some initial thoughts on sustainability



Hello ! i did not go but i heard from isha from webrussels. she was there at the meeting. basically, what i heard: the space needs a bit of renovation, and it will be availiable for a very limited price. but they are looking for some collective who does the maintenance, facilitation of the ecosystem of ngos that could be using the space for coworking and events.
They will inform soon about the details of the conditions.
if you want to keep an eye on this write and email to sven and he will keep you on the loop.


Hello Noemi. let’s meet soon for a catch up drink. i am working in a nice shared office closed to flagey (rue van elewyck), with a bunch of creative folks, and also sometimes I go to le phare du kanal. but i am not managing any space these days. i am more into content strategies, team building, content processes, and collaborating with webrussels. talk to you soon!


@mariacoenen is this something you would look at?


I just remembered a housing model that is a bit famous in Germany and that could be adapted for the Reef 2.0. Advantage: the Reef 2.0 organization would outright own the building from the start, not having to leave an “upcycled” house after 10 years or something. And the organizational form protects the building from ever being sold again to a profit-maximizing investor.

This model is called Housing Syndicate (“Mietshäuser Syndikat” in German). See their website, an outline of the organizational model and esp. their section about international projects.