Growth Hacker Edgeryders test campaign report

Dear all

I’ve completed a week of advertising of “How can we be morally and psychologically well?” discussion forum on Here are my results and observations of the made campaign: CampaignReport

First: I’d like to thank you for this opportunity to advertise something this interesting and challenging. Really appreciate the effort put into this whole project :slightly_smiling_face:

Second: this experience was really interesting and fun as it gave me an opportunity to test out several approaches to advertise something that Facebook today (after all the privacy scandals) doesn’t approve lightly.

I’d like to note that if you decide to hire me, I will give you all my energy, knowledge and adaptability to grow this amazing project :-). I have a lot of experience in Facebook advertising (I can share campaign screenshots), lead generation and building online presence of various organizations, companies and brands. All of these I can share with you if required.

If anyone has any questions, fire away :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your approach and reflections. Let me look up the analytics that I have access to and post them here so we can review this together. Will do as soon as back at my machine.

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Sure! I’m certain results won’t be grand, but anyway, I’m happy I got to do this to try it out

Way to go, @anon82932460! Love the attitude.

I have two:

  1. How did you decide to go into digital communication?
  2. What brings you to Edgeryders?
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  1. Two things: love for stories and love for technology.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved stories, especially tales from the medieval period in Europe that were paraphrased by my grandma to me and my siblings when we were kids.

Later, as I grew older, I got interested in tech, and being born in 1985, I’ve witnessed the rise of the PC and of the smartphone. My first encounter with a PC was when I was 14, and about 3 years after that, I’ve discovered blogging. I ran a personal blog (in my native language, Croatian), for about 3 years. That was just the time when Facebook became available outside of the US. I registered there already in 2007 and started using it.

That was also the time when I started to read about digital marketing and how it can be used to create stories in a digital way to get people to buy products/services and to build communities.

In uni, I got involved with a student organization AIESEC which promotes leadership among students. During my involvement with AIESEC, I took part in many seminars, conferences (as an organizer and as a team member) which were focused on doing good which can be better for everyone. I’ve started to follow Simon Sinek, Warren Buffet, Ken Blanchard, Gary Vaynerchuck and others.
They influenced me in a way that you can use advertising to promote good and use it for good, not use it to trick people into buying things that are bad for them. So, since then I’ve been applying that in my work :slight_smile:

  1. To Edgeryders? A job ad first :-), then the vision to build a better internet and exploring the community of great people here.
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Our objective: Draw people from Serbia, Poland, Czech republic to read a post on, create an edgeryders account and then post their own responses to the questions in the post.

Your shortlink to the post: How can we be morally and psychologically well? - #2 by noemi - International - Edgeryders

Results from the dashboard:

How did the social media ads contribute to our meeting the objectives?
This is something we need to figure out from the analytics we have for May 6 - May 14…
My interpretation of what your reflections imply on our end for what to do differently/better to improve effectiveness of social media outreach:

  1. Social Media posts: Need to be in the right language for the target group. A question is how to do this well in a cost-effective way.
  2. Landing pages: Best-of-theme discussion-so-far posts with instructions for participation - one per language. like was discussed with @noemi @johncoate
  3. Landing pages need to be optimised for signup and sharing much in the way Medium is. a note to @matthias and @hugi for discussing later.

Below are the actual stats:

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