GTF Berlin 24 - Marvin [EN]

Uh, what can the automotive industry do to promote a circular economy?

Which brands or.

no all automobile industry, What can they do to make it better? To make changes they.

Need to like? I’m not really sure, but I think they need to gain the new generations like the Gen Z and stuff like that because they are the new customers and new generations and they can change a lot, a lot. So they need to get into this new channels like TikTok and stuff like that and make it attractive in a new modern way. Yeah.

Do you have concerns about privacy and personal data stored in car electronics?

It depends on the brand, I think. But overall, not not.

Electronics in general.

I mean, I’m in software development, so I really trust it. So yeah. Yeah. Depends on the brand. Yeah.

Does recycling and reusing mean different things to you? Um.

So I think it’s really it’s not the same, but the output in the end could be like really similar. Yeah.

Uh, on a scale of 1 to 5, one means not at all concerned and five means extremely concerned. How concerned are you about issues of environmental trash and pollution?

Oh, that’s that’s. Yeah. For me, it’s it’s a hard question because I’m really not into this topic, so. Yeah. Think around. Yeah. Three or so. Three, Two and a half. I’m not sure. Like. Yeah, I’m not sure. So that’s. Yeah.

What if any actions do you take in your life to promote sustainability. Yeah.

I mean we try with our software development to get the right people together. So we are, yeah. Supporting that. Yeah, the right investors get to the right startups like Sustainable startup as well. And we match making. We make the matchmaking provide a matchmaking tool that the right people getting know each other. So I think this is not the not the biggest impact, but a little a little step toward it. Yeah. Yeah.

How much responsibility does each individual, each person have to make lifestyle and consumer choices that help protect the environment?

Sorry. Sorry again.

How much responsibility does each person have to make lifestyle and consumer choices that help protect the environment?

Yeah, I mean, like we live in, in, in Europe, we live in a capitalism. So I think the customers should have an I not that not every, every product should be the most cheapest one. So if the customer is like ready to pay a little bit more and for more sustainability. So I need, I think everyone every customer. Yeah. Should. Like not do have the focus to just cheap products like in the meat industry as well. Like you can make it more sustainable and more healthier for everyone if you don’t have just the focus on the price. So the price is a big screw in the in this process. Yeah.

Last question. Do you see the circular economy as a local or national or international issue?

Yeah, international, definitely. Right. Yeah. I mean, if we in one country try to make the best emissions, but in other countries not so it’s the same planet. So it must work in every like in every country chain. So yeah, because like, yeah, everyone needs to be part of this chain. So then it’s work. Yeah.