Guerrilla knitting

Ciao a tutti, hi everybody! What about guerrilla knitting in Matera during LOTE? I think most of you know what I mean…but why should we do it?

  1. nobody else did it before in Matera so it would have a great effect!

2.(more important) guerrilla knitting is a way to draw communities attention to deprived areas of the city or on contested constructions

  1. actually in the Sassi quarter there’s a bridge that everyone, living in Matera, hates!

  2. we need just enough knitting wool, yarn and lots of creativity, anybody can join us.

what a great gift for Matera! definitely a great reminder to focus on edgeryders and unmonastery. Let me know if it’s just my dream or if anyone would like to make it possible. ciao!

I loove it!

I absolutely love it, Rita. BTW: I am trying to get [zoescope] of Openwear to give a session on collaborative design of the clothes that unMonasterians should wear (she calls “multiforms” this kind of uniforms that share aesthetics but are highly customizable, if I understand this correctly). As soon as she is back from holidays, I encourage you to contact her through the contact form, maybe between the two of you you can dream up some way to make to make this even more exciting.

One of the values of wearables hacking is that it is intergenerational. The best knitters tend to be elderly (my late grandmother was an absolute knitting ninja), and knitting is a great way for people of different generations to hang out together. Do you think we could get some older, tougher Materans interested? Are you yourself from Matera?

New to me!

Hi Rita,

Oh this gets more interesting every day! I like the idea, but I actually had to look it up because among flashmobs and other creative ways to activate peacefully, never heard of this. Didn’t understand how guerilla knitting can make a statement about things you don’t like in a city, and then I saw some pictures:)


I think when you do this in Matera, local people and those who can reclaim something because you’re bound to it, it may be something cool. But is it safe to say everyone is welcome, including a community of foreigners, and everyone generally like these changes to the scenery? Again, this is brand new information for me so that’s why I’m asking. Thanks for bringing this to the discussion, it’s a very cool idea.

urban design

indeed, guerrilla  knitting it’s a matter of urban design: at bottom, i’d like to turn a bridge into a rainbow. I’m overthinking about the way to do it: maybe, it would take too much time to knit on site. So I had an idea that could solve the problem and could involve almost all the UnPilgrims: can you donate an old, useless, wool scarf? At that point, we’d just to put them toghether and make a giant ball of yarn :wink:

In addition, there another way and we could use both techniques: woolen threads to make bendages. Does someone help me? I don’t want to give up! I’m asking you a gift for Matera!!! Have a good night, insomnia is attacking me

Sure, I can bring over about 2 scarfs!

How about the wool, would we be able to get the quantities needed for at least 1/2 duzin of people to work on for what, half a day?

In Romania wool is quite cheap, so let me know if you need me to bring over that too.  Thanks for your contagious enthusiasm, Rita!

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For the record

As we’re moving fast towards a program grid and filling in actual slots, I’d like to +1 Rita’s suggestion to knit on Saturday :slight_smile:

I would avoid crowding Thursday and Friday (both reserved for the upSkilling Track and unMonastery track) with activities that require general mobilization and possible extension of the initial time allocated…

yes [Noemi] let’s fix it. I’m in touch with Serpica Naro too (a group of fashion designer) who will come with [zoescope], they should join us. Some Materani are helping too to spread the news! let’s go on, yeppa!!!

serpica naro

Hi Rita

Maybe there was a misunderstanding in the twitter activity :slight_smile:

Among other things I’m one of the founder of Serpica Naro, that’s why Serpica is coming aswell to LOT3 :wink:

Me, Myself and I


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I remember

… the Serpica Naro stunt in Milan, in the times of this squat called Bulk. That was guerrilla fashion, for sure!

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the triune, really great and so amazing! So you’ll definitely help me? PLEASEEEE. I’m just a poor architect with some vague idea…let’s go!

Guerrilla knitting

hey Rita,

I know about many types of guerrilla but, as i told you via email some weeks ago, we’ve never done Yarn Bombing and I’m just a basic knitter :). So I’m not sure in which way I could help.

Have you tried to get in touch with knitting circles in Matera or Bari? for sure you need many good knitters to do what you have in mind.

My contribute

I don’t live in Matera. So I have some difficult to find people and ask to knit for me.

But in my hometown I cap spend my personal amount of credibility :slight_smile: People is knitting for me, and they don’t ask why, they trust in me. Obviously I will explain them very clearly what is the objective! So my contribute can be bringing knitting already made from Potenza to Matera, and sharing the guerrilla knitting on my Facebook and Twitter page, of course.

Is this enough for you? :slight_smile:

wonderful Ida

[IdaLeone] this is more than enough! People are afraid they are not knitters: no matter, it is sufficient to be a little bit creative. No knitting her, eg, just colors! I suggested to use old wool scarves and just put them togheter, like a sort of family blanket

Guerrilla Sewing, too

Hi everybody, first comment onf mine on Edgeryders.

I’m struggling to know if I’ll be able to join you all at LOTE, yet.

But as I bounced onto this post, I thought I might share an excercise I used to do with my students, when teaching fashion design a few years ago.

They would collect used cloths and textiles of any kind, and experiment by sewing them in order to define new patterns; they would follow some basic rules (repetition, scale, rotation, etc.), while aiming an overall “fractal” configuration.

Maybe this (someway easier and more naive) approach might help including non-knitters in the Guerrilla thing.

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… need guidance!

[MoE], that sounds promising. But I have to say that I would not be able to implement this method based on your comment alone – maybe the more textile-oriented crowd can, though, I am very unexperienced! If you do show up you can teach people your technique, of course.

easy, indeed

sure Alberto, it was more of a hint; I didn’t mean that to be self-explanatory.

Anyway that’s nothing fancy, just basic design principles creatively reiterated with cloth and colours :slight_smile:

It’ll be pretty straight forward to explain, if I’ll be there (which I do hope and am working on).

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:- )

I’m in to!

I’ll bring something also to join the colored wool tapestry!

How long the bridge is

Rita, do you have some information about the bridge? how much is long, how much the sides are high? thanks :slight_smile:


[Noemi] many Materani are appreciating the idea! it’s a great joy for me, I would’t have expected. I also involved a community of young mums from Matera that will join us plus people from MT2019 Community. Tomorrow I’ll do an inspection on the bridge to take measures and make a prediction on how to clothe it so to fix details. let’s go on!

wonderful colorful

Would be great to join and will try to bring some wool :slight_smile: my knitting is a bit rusty but would love to refresh :smiley: during Free Public Transport Day we ones we knitted the S-bahn in Berlin <3

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