H2020 calls of potential interest to the City of Matera

The city of Matera wishes to submit a Euro project as part of its bid for European City of Culture 2019. This needs to be done ideally by the end of June. Here I list calls of potential interest.

Call  Deadline Notes
Water Innovation: Boosting its value for Europe 2014-10-16 Too late?
Ethical/Societal Dimension topic 2: Better understanding the links between culture, risk perception and disaster management 2014-08-28 Can culture be recruited for better preparedness?
European societies after the crisis 2014-06-03 Dimension 1: Individual reactions to the crisis and challenges to European solidarity. From the unMonastery to stewardship
Reflective Societies: Cultural Heritage and European Identities 2014-06-03 A coordination action on cultural heritage and strategic development

Is there anything here that appeals to you, @lasindias? We might be quite credible with a partnership that has the city, Edgeryders and you guys in it. But then we would still need some heavyweight partner…