H2020 final reports - The clock is ticking

Dear all,

– echoing a mail message sent to WP leaders: @lakomaa @markomanka @costantino @rossana_torri @matteo @alberto @lucechiodelliub

Let me open this short note by wishing you all an excellent and successful year 2018.

The subject field of my message says it all: it’s time to pick up your pens and start writing the reports. Everything has been prepared for us on the Drive (thanks Luce!).

Please take this last step very seriously. No blunt copy pasting of past reports or papers go in there. Take the necessary time. I am not saying you cannot borrow texts from external sources, that you then should properly refer to in the report.

Hope to read your comments in the documents pretty soon. Depending on your replies, we may organize a remote call to get everyone on the same page.


copy that

Sure, but… any guidelines? Last year’s report ended up being pretty ugly. I chose an abridged format, based on bullet points. Marco, at the opposite end of the spectrum, went for a more discursive style, and even posted pictures. What do we do this year? Same thing again?

On a different note, I had volunteered to write Section 1.1 of Tech report part A. It is now ready. Please everyone, if you want changes made use the “Suggesting” mode, rather than ask me to change things around.

I am moving on to Part B now. I have to disagree with this, because:

  1. We are being asked to describe the work done not only in Year 2, but from the start of the project up to the end of Year 2. What we did two years ago did not change last year.
  2. The project is highly consistent. Some activities simply continued. Others developed in a logical way.

So of course I am going to start by copy-pasting in each 2018 section the same text that was in the corresponding 2017 section. Then I make the necessary changes and integrations. Last year’s report was not bad, at least the parts I have been working on so far.

Dear Marco,

we are missing your contributions to reports A and B. Please find the necessary time to provide input so we can have a read (or two) of the whole thing.


My bad… I work mostly offline these days… I will paste ASAP.

Hi @melancon
I have added my text where relevant. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you spot anything I missed (or if you have any comment in general).
Have a great evening.