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My name is hadeer, I am 22 years old, I am a fresh-graduate from science Faculty, Cairo University. My core of study is Biotechnology/Bio-molecular Chemistry. Entrepreneurship makes me feeling as “I am the queen and own myself not another owns me” so I am already have a startup in the MVP phase called FOTM (From Organic To Mash) with my team;

@Emanalaaeldin 's had a Ph.D. in Entomology (Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Science), interested in networking and share knowledge, loves the world of insects :beetle:.
@Ali.Attia 's graduated from environment & bio-agriculture department, Faculty of agriculture, Al-Azhar University, interested in how exploit organic waste correctly by insects, loves earthworms :bug:.
@Osama studies in Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, he has worked as a business developer and operation manager in other projects since 3 years. loves hicking and travelling::airplane::blue_car:
@MaiYoussef 's graduated from Biotechnology/Bio-molecular Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Cairo University. she ‘s worked as a fundraiser. loves cats so much :cat2:.
@HadeerOsama I am interested in environmental products. have experience as a PR. loves rowing and running under the rains::rowing_woman: :sweat_drops:
what is our problem statement ?
we produce high protein mash with competitive price for chicken farms’ owners who wants to Integrated feeding and high immunity for chickens by decreasing mash costs and vaccines and increasing productivity unlike resorting to imported mash or be forced to buy local mash of poor quality.
This achieves two sustainable development goals; goal no. 13 climate change :earth_americas: and no. 15 life on land.:desert_island:
we object to validate our research by tests and experiments then sure desirability of our customers about our product then take a licence then take a place and prepare it then mass production.
lastly, we believe in this idea and we need who also believes in it and us to make our customers and government also believe in it :relieved:.
look our files here in this link :point_down: