Hack 4 Environment - Cairo - Green Capital

Hi guys,
Who are we …?!
"Green Capital" Team members"

AlaaElrhman, Civil Engineer, 5 years experience in waste management, passionate to whatever is green,nature and travelling. :palm_tree::tulip::ocean:.:earth_africa:
Karim Goudy, Alux-driven student who is passionate to whatever is about embracing the time into value maximization and well, you can say business technology development :cyclone::globe_with_meridians::dollar::moneybag: @KarimGoudy
Hadeer Osama, Biotechnology/bio molecular chemistry, fresh graduate interested in environmental products, crazy about running under rains and rowing :rowing_woman: :sweat_drops: :cloud_with_rain: @HadeerOsama
Toka Refaat, Applied arts graduate, interior designer, likes design, photograph and sport :paintbrush::camera_flash::medal_sports:
Alaa Mamdouh, Architect, 5 years experience in architectural design, interested in green buildings and sustainability, love her son too much and hope grow proud of her :four_leaf_clover::seedling::baby:

Challenges :

We found that is lacking in " Connecting, networking, sharing capabilities and knowledge" face startups specially and the community in general and that causes inaction and delays in achieving sustainable solutions for the problems and challenges that face our community in Egypt specially “Waste Management”, so, we aim to create platform and services will empower and accelerate the environmental sustainable solutions via platform, events, workshops, sessions, courses and co-work spaces for environmental works.

Our Project Idea:

"Green Capital" a passionate project concerns on enhance the networking, connecting and sharing capabilities between environment development startups, companies, entities and individuals through creating platform/service that will enhance the environmental development solutions and goals,
Through our project we covering targets of SDG #11, #13 and #17 of sustainable development goals.

Our Objectives:
Short Term
‐Provide a Map or hub for about 70 of waste management startups, companies and entities via our platform and achieving the networking between them.
-Provide workshops, sessions, courses and event for about 70 waste management startups, companies, entities and largest number of individuals
‐Recording our achievement in real applying of SDGs especially SDG 11 and 17
Long Term
-Mapping and Networking for Waste Management Entities
-Facilitate Sharing Capabilities,knowledge and opportunities
-Better Environment, Enhance the Green Shared Economy and Green Mindset.
-Help & Sharing the Government Efforts in Getting and Accelerating Sustainable Solutions for Waste Management challenge.

Here is: “Google drive file for our presentation & documents”



Hello @AlaaElrhman
Thank you for sharing your project idea with the Edgeryders Community Members.
I have a few questions for you and your team :

  1. The first step for you is to identify your early adopters who may be the green startups in Egypte; what does your platform offer for these startups? And why would they join you?
  2. Do you have a draft of the content of your workshop courses?
  3. What is your strategy to drive people to your platform?

Hi @zmorda,
Thanks for your comment,
1- firstly, at this stage of our project we work mainly on “waste management WM startups and companies”, and we identified that there is about 70 startups and companies in this sector,
And by interview with some of startups we proposed our platform idea and services that will be provided to them as we mentioned at our presentation like "mapping of waste management startups for enhance connection and networking between the starups and companies for sharing opportunities, profile for each company, events, news, WM authorities and entities, workshops and courses on WM,…and other services, we find that there is need for our services from different sides.
2. Yes, we work on the first draft and we review the content with experts at this sector
3. At this stage we arrange meetings with many stakeholders to propose our platform services and the next stage will be an event.