Hack 4 Environment: "How to make a powerful pitch" Call

Your ideas are only as good as your pitch. And usually, you only get one shot at pitching them.

Edgeryders presents an online introductory seminar with follow up tasks that will help you reach your goals with presentations That convert and move to action. The Powerful Pitch call is an opportunity to rapidly develop your storytelling skills, and take your project to the next level

Why not learn from the best? Your future may depend on it.

When and Where: November 23 at 15:00 online here: Zoom

Tickets: 240 € - Buy now or write to nadia@edgeryders.eu for more info.

This online session is part of the MENA social innovation track of the Edgeryders International festival

This weekend we will organize “Hack 4 Environment”, a movement of decentralized Hackathons in the MENA region. It is a pioneer and exciting times for Edgeryders, for youth in MENA. We will have 4 Hackathons happening at the same time in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. They are coordinated by Edgeryders’ team.
During these Hackathons, the participants will need support from you in order to develop their ideas and project proposals.

The second call during these Hackathons will be about “How to make a powerful pitch”. It is critical step in the life of every young social entrepreneur to raise necessary funds for her or his project idea to turn it into a reality and make a postive impact on their communities.
The expected time for this workshop is Saturday 23/11 at 3pm CET time and we are really glad to have @matteo_uguzzoni who will animate it :slight_smile:

@MariaEuler could you please help us set a Zoom link for this ?

Pinging @nadia

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Hello @Sohayeb,

this sounds so exciting!

Of course, I will set up the zoom links for you! Is somebody else from the Edgeryders team already joining, or do you also need me to host the meeting?

Could you maybe post an overview of all the events with the local main organiser and their contact handel?

There are some people with interesting projects asking for concrete programs or how to get in contact with the organisers in a specific location. Who can I, for example, connect to someone wanting to be involved in Egypt?

Did not really get your question as I am not pretty familiar to Zoom ?

Somebody needs to be the listed host of the meeting who starts the call/opens the room. And I think to have full functionality that person needs to use the edgeryders account. It’s ok, I can do the hosting for you :slight_smile:

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Okey many thanks :slight_smile:

Ping also @nadia in this as we are having different calls.

What do you mean with different calls?

So we will have three calls:
On Friday 22/11 at 3pm CET time with @nadia for 40min (Q/A session regarding Edgeryders, MENA YP and OCI Lab)
On Friday 22/11 at 6pm CET time with Suzanna (@nadia is confirming this)
On Saturday 23/11 at 3pm with @matteo_uguzzoni for 1 hour (it should be also confirmed)

So we need to share with local organizers the links in advance so each community participating in the Hackathon can join the calls. (Coordinators will be doing projection in the venues of the Hackathons)

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On Friday 22/11 at 3 pm CET time with @nadia for 40min (Q/A session regarding Edgeryders, MENA YP and OCI Lab)
zoom room ID: https://zoom.us/j/607188025

On Friday 22/11 at 6 pm CET time with Suzanna (@nadia is confirming this)
zoom room ID: https://zoom.us/j/125173479

On Saturday 23/11 at 3 pm with @matteo_uguzzoni for 1 hour (it should be also confirmed)
zoom room ID: https://zoom.us/j/119745644

On Friday 6 pm and on Saturday 3 pm I could take care of the hosting, on Friday 3 pm please ask Nadia to host the call or find another Edgeryders team member :slight_smile:

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Okey @MariaEuler thanks for your support :slight_smile:

@nadia you can do that ?

sure if someone else sets up the call. I really am not able to deal with any tech at the moment.

I am not sure how to do it, @MariaEuler any support ?

I confirm that our call will be Saturday at 3pm CET time, probably it will take more then one hour though, I think it is safe to say that it going to run at least 90 minutes (not all of the time it will be me talking but actually a lot of exercise time as well).
Thank you all for setting this up, is that ok if I connect 15 minutes in advance so we test mic and video?

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@nadia, it is already set up, you just need to start it while logged in with the edgeryders account

Ok, I will adjust the time tomorrow, so you can log in ealier and we can test the mic and such :slight_smile:

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Here the link for the recordedZoom\2019-11-22 17.56.37 Hackathon Call with Suzanna: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Dzj9bXFhKjzRDINGJ9nsvpdSRPLx5MBW?usp=sharing

Great :heart: Thank you @MariaEuler :smiley:
Is there any online place where we can upload it ? Or shall I upload it on my Youtube Channel ?

I don’t know about that, but if you upload it anywhere, please cut the first 10 minutes while we waited :slight_smile:

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Okey, probably it is best share it with local organizers and they can download it :slight_smile: