Hack 4 environment Medenine :CleanCity

My name is Yemna Iben Ibrahim I am 23 years old I am from Medenine.I am a students at university of Sfax in faculty of sciences in master’s degree of research of “Health and environment”. I want to continue my PhD and become a professor, so I choose hack 4 environment because it is related to my study , also it can gives me more and more information about my project next year ,then I like to save my environment .
This is the first time I participate in hackton and I hope you like my idea.

Hello Yemna ! Welcome to the Edgeryders platform :slight_smile:
Can you tell us more about your project idea?

Hello @zmorda
thank you , the main idea of my project aims to facilate a contact between companies to recycle their green waste by composting so it is a platform .
I hope that my idea impress you :blush::blush: