Hack 4 environment Medenine

(Instructions: https://edgeryders.eu/t/11570 )

Name of the event:

Question 1/3: Who’s talking? Ask the person who is speaking right now what their name is, and if they already have an edgeryders account? Add their answer here (next)
Answers :
Mouna Yahya, yes she has an edgeryders account.

Question 2/3: Notes. What is the person who is speaking saying? - please try to write every word - sometimes a single word can unlock a lot of thoughts! (next)
Answers :
She said that she’s working an a research project about the bioenergy she want to exchange information with us.

Question 3/3: Reflection. Take a minute to think about what has been said. What are your own thoughts about it - anything that you find especially interesting? Perhaps there is something you would like to explore more during the rest of the workshop?
Answers :
I think that we have the same aims because it is related to our study about the environment ,during the workshop I like to discuss about her PhD