Hack 4 Environment: "Product Development" Call

This weekend we will organize “Hack 4 Environment”, a movement of decentralized Hackathons in the MENA region. It is a pioneer and exciting times for Edgeryders, for youth in MENA and for me in person. We will have 4 Hackathons happening at the same time in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. They are coordinated by Edgeryders’ team.
During these Hackathons, the participants will need support from you in order to develop their ideas and project proposals. That is why we are looking for someone who is might help us with a small online workshop. It may take the format of a webinar, a call, pre-recorded online/video chat or any format you prefer, it is really up to you. What we need is 1 to 2 hours of your time, it can make huge impact on young people here :slight_smile:

The way @nadia and I have imagined this, we will need a first call talking about “Product Development”. All teams are in the process of developing their MVPs, so they should be familiar with the best practices and the scientific methodologies when developing their MVPs.
The expected time for this workshop is on Friday 22/11 between 5pm and 9pm CET time.

Many thanks!