hack 4 environment Tunisia biotrash

My name is makram ben amara I am specialist in game design, web design, I am VFX producer my team member are @X-FORCE-Takwa , @X-Force-Radouen , @x-force-Ismail
@X-Force-Radouen , i am hajji radouen and i am specialist in development web and programming languages , so i wanna protect the environment from dangerous catastrophes that’s all
@X-FORCE-Takwa ,i am takwa mighri ,specialist in digital economy , i wanna save the world…
@x-force-Ismail i am Ismail i am specialist in international electronic trader i can speak more than one language …
The Problem :
In our team we try to solve the most of SDGs. Our research lead us to the point where we hit not 2 or 3 SDGs but 5 SDGs. Are :
3. Good Health and Well-being
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
The Idea
1- Marketplace contains hotels, Restaurants, large surfaces,…
----> disposition of the existence of aliment trashes
2- transfer of trashes to our local to applicate in vessel composting
3- applicate sells processes with our clients(farmers)
for more information follow the link below :


product design Deliverable 1

1 Poorly managed food waste
Collection of waste food and recycle it into organic fertilizer
Time period : 3 months

2 Exclusive limited technologies in the world 3%

3 Consumers : farmers
Customers : funders, banks, organisation ONG

4 Quality organic fertilizer
Quality product of the farmer

5 Solution : good waste management

6,7,8 Specific : waste food
Mesurable : foods
Attainable : container
Relevant : Tunisia is the most state that need this prototype
Time Based : the waste food recycling capable to evolve based on the level of progression and the completed tasks

9 Exclusive limited technologies in the world 3%

10 Gaz , electricity

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