Hack 4 environment Tunisia: Leafs

Mohanned Ben nsib, passionte about hacking and development.
Melk Bouzidi, passionate about robotics and entrepreneurship .
Ahmed Khemiri, passionate robotics and game development.

** Major problem
The planet is dying and we’re not doing enough to prevent that, it’s not because we’re not aware enough of it, but because we’re not motivated enough to do it, for us it’s not worth sacrificing our time and daily-life responsibilities to take care of it.

** Our idea
This mobile application supported by artificial intelligence relies on trading needs between the user and the company hosting it. If the consumer helped the environment, he gets to choose from a variant selection of rewards, if the user pays the company indirectly, they use it to act good too.
Every act mentioned in the application, such as planting seeds and trees or cleaning areas will get his person an amount of points depending on the task. This points later on can be used to purchase things from the store, like Play store dollars, Steam gift cards, a football game ticket etc…
In such a world like ours, the user won’t probably have the time to do all of this, so there is the adoption feature that will let other people take care of that place, plant it and send him statistics every period of time while he’s paying for it to support them. Also educational and hard-to-get resources will be available for free! Thank’s to the drones guided by computer vision and neural networks, every single user is provided with an up-to-date statistics about temperature, humidity and gazes percentage of existing like CO2. An addition to that, Live-streams will be available most of the time, of drones going around a mountain maybe, or following animals around, it depends on the purpose of that drone flying that moment of time, and they are 100% working on green energy generated by means likes solar energy.
The company will give the chance to a thousand people to work in a safe environment, protecting our planet earth, being the heroes we need.

Business plan: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WKBr0u5NeyLt-0vOnET5LEs-TGXqZlSh
Report: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cKKaYKnLg0F03_EgIbnufDf9DcreG7rb
PoA: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dmXFFMm0mBQofB9zwr1siT3cQLx_TR4J