Hack 4 Environment Tunisia : Pheonix

I am @anas_bessaker_35 , a 22 year old that’s deeply interested in anything related to computer science , me and my teammates @haithem.bhk and @seifeddine are specialized in web and app development and want to expresse our creativity through solving various world problems using the technologies we mastered

The problem :
Naturally caused disaster are more of a problem then they have ever been , and we have ourselves to thank for such a feat , in 2019 alone More than 950 climate-related disasters in 102 countries and territories forced seven million people most of them in Asia and Africa to flee their homes , in most cases governments are unable or unwilling to waste money and resources into either fixing the homes damaged or finding new ones , and even if they do , the process will take a lot of time during which most of the victims will be homeless

Targeted SDGs :
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 13: Climate Action

The solution we came up with consists of a platform inspired by edgeryders that brings people together from all around the world to help each other in any way possible , we distinguish two types of users in our platform , first are the Non Profitable Organizations (NGOs) , once registered in our platforme , the organization’s reach will transcend national borders and will be able to offer their help on a global scale , they can also communicate with other NGOs in order to colaborate and join forces , these organizations will also be our physical representation in the country it resides in , we plan on collecting kickstarter funds to buy abondoned buildings for the sake of renovating them into habitable places where the disaster victims can resort to in the event of a catastrophy , these buildings will be managed by the NGO we partnered with in the country in question and will be used as homeless shelters when unneeded .

other than offering homes for those who need it , the shelters will also serve as a way for homeless people to grow as citizens and gives them a chance to sustain themselves by integrating workshops where volunteer trainers can teach and share their proffesionnel knowledge , whatever is created in those workshop will be put in “mystery boxes” for later use .

the second type of users in the platforme would be a normal user , this person has 3 possible actions , donating money , donating carepackages or engaging in a monthly subscription rewarding them with mystery box created in the shelter workshops.

Product design template :

  • Business Strategy :
    natural disasters became more frequent this last decade , they leave a trail of destruction and homless people behind them , we aim to help these victims through donations , shelter and a chance to work and sustain themselves.

  • Value Driven Metrics :
    we track the success of our product

  • Customers/Consumers :
    The project will be primarly funded through kickstarters then will be sustained with the mystery box monthly subscription users pay for, this will affect the victims of natural disasters and homeless people from all around the world .

  • Customer value :
    All our customers will be people willing to help other in time of need which we will provide

  • Consumer value :
    the consumer will get the help he needs after a disaster

  • Objective :
    our objective is to deliver help for those who need it from all around the world

  • Key results :
    Eliminate or at the very least decrease the number of of homeless people especially after a natural disaster.

  • SMART sprint goal 1 :
    develope app interface.
    develope website interface.

  • SMART sprint goal 2 :
    get the funds(kickstarters) and the partnerships(NGOs) we need to create shelters from all around the world.

  • SMART sprint goal 3 :
    create workshops in these shelters and getting the volunteer trainers to run them .

  • Possible solution options :
    the platform could be a place where normal users could communicate and interact and share their thought and actions.

  • Hypotheses :
    our primary funding source will be kickstarters donation , even tho people always give tons of money for ridiculously useless project and even more money for righteous ones ,there is still a slim possibility that the kickstarter funds will not reach the needed budget to realize what need to be done .

  • plan of action :