Hack 4 Environment Tunisia: project name: Green Hat

I am Mariem Touihri, I am 19 years old. I can code and I can do reseaches and analyses
My group are :
Touaibi Alaa, full stack-developer
Nada ben Wahada , a computer science
Ramla khammassi , 25 years old IT management speciality.
Yosra bouchiba 20 years old , a project manager.

The problem
Many farmers are not specialized farmers because they have inherited this profession from their predecessors and are therefore faced with the problem of lack of information.
Many of them use false techniques that can harm the health of consumers.

targedded sdgs :
Goal 12/ Goal 15

Project idea
Our project is a platform where farmers can exchange informations and learn from each others to spread knowlodge .

business-model-canvas.pdf (320.6 KB) Hack 4 Environment_Tunisia_FourOne.pdf (342.6 KB)

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