Hack 4 Environment Tunisia : SMART TANK

We are hard-working youngsters that are passionate about both It and business. We want to exploit our passion and skills in building a solution that have a good impact on environment and communities.
The problem
Statistics shows that 30% of the households in the world are facing the problem of water leakage. Without them noticing, the bill can increase by over 20 dollars per year for a dripping tap and over 800 dollars for a hunt.
Besides that, many farmers are suffering from bad quality, thus their products quality will be effected.
To solve this problem we are targeting 2 main SDGs which are Clean Water and Sanitation, responsible consumption and production.

How are gonna solve the problem?
Smart tank is a business dedicated to everyone that use water in their daily life mainly farmers and industrial companies and hotels. With smart tank these targets will be able to track the quality of water they are using in terms of turbidity, acidity, and dissolved oxygen. .The idea is to install sensors in the water tanks and pipes that will provide us with informations about its quality and general status. It can also detect if there is a leakage. We’re gonna store this data and make it accessible to users through a simple mobile application. So along with the advantages that we mentioned before, our clients will be able to track their consumption of water and compare their statistics monthly.
Even restaurants, and individuals can benefit of our app.
How are we gonna make money ?
Besides of buying the sensors, our clients will have to pay for a mensuel subscription to the application. the fees depends on their water consumption. They can choose to pay online or cash
You can find more details about our project in the links below


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