Hack for environment Tunisia : Bike to the future.

Hello I am @Mozayani, a 22 year old web developer and student, participating in this hackathon with my teammates @Wassime, @saidane_mossab_74, @amenallahfounoun_31 and @MAN_C Problems :
Our traditional electricity provider (STEG) uses non renewable sources such as natural gas and oil to generate power causing massive amount of CO2 emissions which is causing a lot of environmental issues and poses immediate threat to our species.

tackled SDGs :
GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy,
GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Suggested solutions :
Tons of energy generated from stationary bicycles in gyms are being unexploited while we could use it to at least satisfy their electricity needs. Our solution consists of attaching a dynamos to each bicycle to act as an energy supply to the entire gym. The idea here is to not waste any opportunity to produce clean energy, help the owner of the gym save money and give the user a unique satisfying fitness experience.

We are inseparable from our phones. We thought about connecting the user’s smartphone to the bike via bluetooth in order to track the amount of energy generated by the connected user. the app sets daily objectives and rewards points on completion. Points are then exchanged with different gifts such as amazon gift card, Netflix account renewal, etc…

Users also check their progress, stats and can compare to other users achievements which keeps them motivated and loyal to our product.

In order to expand the idea of not wasting generated energy, another product we plan to put in the market consists of selling a dynamo attached to an Eco friendly Lithium iron phosphate batteries that can be used as power bank and rechargeable through cycling.

Product design deliverable

  • Business Strategy
    As we said Early on we are trying to implement a system in every stationary bicycle that generates green energy in order to limit our CO2 consumption.

  • Value Driven Metrics
    We track the success of our product by the number of downloads on the app, the amount of products we sell, and the reviews/critics.

  • Customers
    This product is meant to be sold to gym owners.

  • Consumers
    This product is meant to be used by gym goers.

  • Customer Value
    The customer will get discounted to free electricity bills.

  • Consumers Outcome
    The consumer will get a nice cycling experience, goals to achieve and rewards on doing their routine.

  • Objective
    We want most gyms in Tunisia to have this feature as well as thousands of app downloads.

  • Key Results
    App downloads, Reviews and critics.

  • Sprint 1 Goals
    Bluetooth module implemented on a dynamo.
    App interface created.
    Website interface created.

  • Sprint 2 Goals
    Dynamo implemented and tested on a stationary bike.
    App connected to Database.
    Website connected to Database.

  • Sprint 3 Goals
    Stationary bike transmits energy to the whole room.
    Bluetooth module updates connected user’s data.
    Data gets updated on the website as well.

Possible Solution Options
Same dynamo can be used on ordinary bikes to produce energy and store it in power bank.

This product may be marketed only if it proves to be Eco friendly and affordable.

Attached you will find a demo as well as our action plan: