Hack for environment tunisia

My name is mohamed sadok safraou. I am a negotiation and marketing scholar. I am interested in making human life more pleasant. I am 24 years old.

In my team i have:
makrem hamemi 24 years old mobile developer
oussema zaafrane 24 years old designer and backend developer
akram trabelsi 25 years old law specialist

the problem
In Tunisia almost all of the cars have only one person in. the other seats are empty. In the other hand people are waiting for the public transport which is not that efficient.

SDGs 11 sustainable cities and communities

project IDEA:
my team is aiming to create fictive bus stations where we will have cars passing by people and take them where they want in a secure and fast way.

  • the stations are created by the app team. we create a station in a place where a lot of people go there and a lot of traffic get by that side
  • we also get the ID card and driver’s license of new app users ( and we confirm them ) so that we provide a secure way to experience this new carpooling service.

Product design template:

  • Business strategy: There is at important times like 8 am, an important traffic with cars containing only one person and people waiting for public transport. We are creating and implementing a system that provides a fast and secure alternative for public transportation through cars.
  • Value driver metrics: the number of the cars that have 4 people inside of them is the tool by which we can state how successful we are.
  • Possible Solution options: Bolt an app to call for a taxi, Facebook, through the groups we organize carpooling.
  • Objective: making 1000 followers and app users. These 1000 users should understand well the app
  • Customers: anyone who did the carpooling with a successful transaction; each time we get a successful transaction a little money will be versed to us
  • Costumer value: a secure and easily matchmaker carpooling.
  • Consumer Outcome: saving money and time on a daily basis. Also, since it will be car trip instead of public transport one, he will also gain comfort.
  • Possible solution options: Bolt a taxi call app, facebook groups to organize carpooling. these solutions are either expensive or hard to have the matchmaking.
  • Hypotheses: We are not quite sure that with our solution we will have a lot of new people adopting carpooling ( since we asked only 150 people and many of them are biased by our friendship)
  • Smart objectives: having 1000 active and daily users by 2020. having stations in 5 to 10 universities.