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The author of this blog is @Mystero

Hi, I am abdelmo’men from cairo, 21 years old, communication engineer student, games and anime, tech lover, power user and windows hater.

team members: @Ashraf_Taha technical leader and main system developer
@Mystero app developer and the one writing this topic :slight_smile:
@MohamedAbkarino Business professional ( in our hearts for sure <3 )

A friend of mine had lung issues which got worse when he got in egypt. later i watched a program on NAT geo about climate change and how it’s getting worse and worse every year.
in fact, in india, asphalt is melting from extreme heat cause by increased greenhouse gases.
here in egypt, helwan used to be a tourist attraction with it’s beautiful sight and fresh air.
now anyone living in helwan or even goes to helwan knows how terrible the weather have gotten.
all because of the cement factories that have been established in helwan.
we can’t close or move these factories so at least we’re gonna decrease their effect.

SDGs: (7), (11), (13), (15) not all are targeted directly but definitely affected some form, shape or how.

There’ve been many attempts at that especially in helwan city but many were rejected for the very reason that we’ve been learning the past few days how to solve. an appealing business opportunity to convince these factories managers to implement a solution to help the environment while maintaining their businesses.
We’re going to take further steps by developing that idea and improving the business model to take off from where the other attempts stopped, cutting down our profit margins to make it possible while maintaining a relatively sustainable startup.
ACD ( Air Compression Device ) is the main ingredient. we install it in the aforementioned factories.

compress the fumes to liquid that is highly concentrated which can then use to later and extract hydrocarbon derivatives.
we developed a software to manage our devices at all factories.
we also developed an app that will be deployed on play store and app store for the factory managers to contact us and review how much profit did they make.
we will start by covering biggest challenge yet and that is the factories in helwan city,
shortly after the steel factories in 10th of Ramadan city.
possible expansion we’re studying is wood workshops that usually use laser for cutting and causes increasing rates of carbon mono oxide and we can also incorporate in our business model.

A long term objective (and to me personally) is to cover the whole world
primarily MENA region,
India: which is having it’s own industrial revolution and will cause severe increase in CO2 levels from the factories and workshops,
and China with its black sky during the day.